Even Blinds Should be Professionally Cleaned from Time to Time

cleanNo matter how often you clean your Toronto home, you’re going to find that dirt accumulates. Even vacuuming on a daily basis won’t get your carpets as clean as you think. The same concept holds true when cleaning blinds.

Depending on the quality and type of blinds you have covering your windows right now, you may have gotten into a good habit of dusting them on a weekly basis. Running a light feather duster over them, or some type of towel or dusting unit that traps dirt is beneficial, but it’s not going to thoroughly clean those blinds as you may think.

From time to time, it’s a good idea to call a professional cleaning company to come in and go over those blinds centimeter by centimeter.

Why regular cleaning is not enough.

As with vacuuming carpeting, even though you may see a clean surface when you’re done, that doesn’t mean all of the dirt, bacteria, germs, and other particulates have been removed. The same is true when cleaning blinds.

Wiping down blinds is great, but as you will notice, there are small gaps within the blinds that you may not be able to reach with a simple white down or a dusting mop.

As dirt builds up in these areas, they will begin to affect the functionality of the blinds. You might not notice it for a while, but as it gets more and more difficult to open them, there is a groaning noise when you lift the blinds, or they don’t seem to open evenly like they used to, these are all potential signs of dirt that is accumulated within the blinds themselves.

An experienced, professional cleaning service can completely clean every blind in your home, helping to restore them to like new condition.

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