Carpet Cleaning for the Greater Toronto Area

Leaving Carpet Cleaning to the Professionals Saves You Time and Money

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Carpets of various kinds have long since been a staple in homes and office buildings. They beautify our homes and add a touch of class to our commercial buildings but tend to have higher needs than flooring like vinyl or laminate. Carpets attract and capture airborne dust, dander, dirt, sand, pet hair and danger along with mold and mildew. Carpet cleaning forms an important aspect of their maintenance and helps to keep the surrounding environment clean and healthy.

What Suggestions Do You Have For High Traffic Areas?

There are two aspects to maintain high traffic areas and regular vacuuming is one of them. Carpets get tread upon regularly and in high traffic homes or places like commercial buildings, they will accumulate dirt very fast. Its inevitable kids and pets in the house can result in frequent stains and odors. Grit, sand and dirt have a tendency to get embedded in the carpet fibers and these can be removed by vacuuming regularly but nothing replaces a deep cleaning that gets right down to the base of carpet fibers efficiently removes settled particles.Toronto Carpet Cleaners

Our Carpets Have Permanent Stains, Any Suggestions?

A carpet will invariably get a stain from some food or beverage being dropped on it. Stains should be attended to immediately otherwise they will set and be hard to remove. You could treat the area with a stain remover however choosing the incorrect product may result in fading or damage to carpet fibers.  It’s best to just gently blot the stain with an absorbent cloth without vigorous rubbing and contact us for easy stain removal options. Don’t delay! The less time the spot is left on your carpet, the easier it will be to remove. Our company will come to your home to remove menacing stains using professional, time-tested methods.

Do You Offer Commercial Cleaning Services Too?

Yes! We offer the same benefits to commercial clients as to any other customers. Commercial floor coverings tend to take a real beating, day after day. Dirt, sand and dust are carried into the area via shoes and in some cases wind from open doors.  These areas are then walked on and materials become embedded in carpet fibers. Most of these materials will not be removed by vacuuming and reduce the luster of the carpet.  Hotel carpeting gets especially soiled from all sorts of materials like food, liquids, walking on and pet stains.

Because of the special needs of commercial clients, we offer extended services:

Hot water extraction or steam carpet cleaning

  • Shampoos & Foams
  • Absorbent dry compound
  • Bonnet/pad cleaning
  • Pet stain and odor removal
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Water damage and restorations

Regardless of the location of your carpeting, regular expert cleaning will extend the life of it and eliminate build up of harmful by-products like mold and mildew. As a home or business owner, you want your carpet maintain its plush appearance or newness for as long as possible. Our trained carpet cleaning technicians will be happy to give you a free on-site estimate and thoroughly discuss what cleaning method may be best for your carpet. When you are ready, we can schedule a day and time for your cleaning and thanks to our quick drying time, we get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. Questions? Call us for suggestions or advice anytime.