What Is That Old Vacuum Telling You?

vacuum-You’re a smart, savvy individual. You don’t waste a lot of money. If something is still working, you keep it, even though there might be newer products out there that are more lightweight, look better, and perform a little bit better. In fact, you still have one of those massive tube style television sets in your house because it keeps working. That’s great, but if you have an old vacuum, is it really doing the job you need it to do?

It might not be cleaning your carpets that well.

Perhaps you take apart the vacuum cleaner at least couple of times a year, clean the beater bar, suck out all of the dirt, change the filters if there’s a HEPA filter, and make sure it is in good operating condition. However, as with most machines it will begin losing power over time. You may have the technical knowledge and fortitude to repair and rebuild a small motor like that, but most people do not do.

So, what could that old vacuum be telling you right now?

It may still look pretty good and be working, but it might not be getting the job done as well as you’d like or even think it’s doing. After all, once you vacuum the bedrooms, the family room, possibly even the area rug in the living room, everything looks pretty good. What you fail to realize, though, is that those carpets just aren’t nearly as clean as they appear on the surface.

Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners today are unable to get all of the dirt, dust, and other debris up from carpet, whether it’s a Berber style or deep pile. These particulates get caught in the fibers and become extremely impervious to suction.

That’s why a carpet cleaning service is so important to making sure your carpets are not just looking their best, but being as clean and protected as possible.

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Can Damaged Carpeting Be Repaired?

That ‘New Carpet’ Smell isn’t Always PleasantThe carpeting in your house is only a couple of years old, at best. Maybe you have a bunch of kids running around constantly and they just don’t listen. You tell them not to go on the carpeting with their dirty shoes, but it’s difficult to get your spouse to remove his or her shoes when they get home, let alone your kids. Now you notice some damage.

It might be from cats that seem to think carpet is a good scratching pad.

Whatever the damage has been caused by, it can be frustrating. After all, you spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on this gorgeous carpeting and you wanted it to last at least eight or 10 years. Now it looks like you’re just going to have to ‘deal with it’ for the next six, seven, or eight years.

From this point on, though, things are only going to get worse.

When you get frustrated because all your effort to make something look good has gone out the window (or that’s how you perceive it), you will stop caring about the carpet, whether people take care of it, or whether the cats continue to use it as their personal scratching post or litter box.

Keep in mind damaged carpeting can be repaired.

Not all carpeting will be able to be repaired, at least not as effectively as you may hope. With that being said, an experienced carpet cleaning service that also provides repair services could be a valuable asset.

What caused the damage?

Was it due to a cut, scrape, stain, flood, or something else? In many of these situations something can be done to help. Also, do you have an extra section of the carpeting stored somewhere?

You might have been handed some of the excess carpeting when the installers came and did the work. That might be in your attic, a garage, or possibly even a shed. If you didn’t keep it, that may limit options when it comes to potential repairs.

Don’t lose hope, though, because the more experience a carpet cleaning service has, the more options they will be able to offer for repairing damaged carpet.

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Before Selling Your Home, Consider a Professional Cleaning Service

carpet cleaning torontoYou’re about to put your home on the market. Or perhaps you listed it for sale several months ago, but it’s languishing. You’ve had no real offers, but plenty of lookie-loos. You don’t know what’s going on, or you don’t want to get into that situation once you place your home ‘on the market.’

It’s time for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Whether your home has been on the market for a while or you are about to list it, now is the time to bring in a professional carpet cleaning company. While you have been told and it makes sense that most new homeowners are going to replace the carpeting that’s already there, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore old, worn-out carpeting or other for floor surfaces.

If somebody is stepping into what they assume is a gorgeous house, but there are stains, dirt, torn carpeting and patches, and other problems, even though it’s just ‘carpeting’ it’s going to have a direct impact on their impression.

Many people, when they walk into a house that’s for sale, and the windows are incredibly clean and well-maintained, there’s plenty of natural light, the floors are polished, the carpeting is perfect, and there is minimal furniture, wall hangings, and other mementos, the house just looks better.

Not only does it look more open, it has a fresher feel, smell, and appearance.

Yes, potential homebuyers may very well replace the carpeting before they even move in, but it’s how the house looks to them as they are making their decision, contemplating whether this would be a place where they could be comfortable, that makes a difference.

Any homeowner who is attempting to sell their house or considering it should rely on a professional carpet cleaning service and when they do, they will likely see a dramatic difference in offers and the value of those offers.

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How Cleaner Windows Can Impact Your Carpet Cleaning Efforts

5 Things to Consider about Cleanliness when Selling Your HomeKeeping your carpets clean at home can feel like a never ending process. Every time you turn around it seems like you have to pull out the vacuum cleaner and run it over the carpeting. If you truly want to do a thorough job, you will keep moving furniture out, running over the same spot several times, and still, over time, things don’t seem to be improving.

That’s actually normal.

No matter how many times you vacuum, no matter how powerful the cleaner, no matter how effective your technique and strategy, you will find stains and dirt, dust, and other contaminants beginning to make your carpeting look old, possibly before it’s time.

One thing that could help you, besides a professional carpet cleaning service, is making sure your windows are clean.

Believe it or not, natural sunlight helps to see much better.

If you keep your window blinds closed and the curtains drawn over them during the day, especially while you vacuum, you might have all the lights on inside the house, but that’s not the same as direct sunlight giving you a clear view of every part of the floor surface. Natural sunlight can make a world of difference, but if your windows are dirty, have a film over them from years of neglect, it’s time to get in the habit of keeping them cleaner.

When you clean your windows, you are more inspired to clean other areas, too.

Some windows can be extremely frustrating to clean, especially the outside of them. However, the effort is worth it. When you have cleaner windows, you begin to notice all of the other flaws, if that’s what you can call them, with your furniture, and tables, carpeting, hardwood floor surfaces, and so on. This often inspires people to spend a little more time and effort working on keeping the rest of the house clean.

When you have beautiful looking windows that are bright and shiny, the next step is to hire a carpet cleaning service to help you feel the same way about your carpets and area rugs.

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3 Ways Homeowners Benefit from Carpet Cleaning Services

5 dirty little secrets homecleaningCarpet cleaning services may not seem all that important to the average homeowner, but they offer plenty of benefits most people overlook. If more homeowners, renters, or apartment dwellers realized just how valuable a carpet cleaning service could be at least every year, they might live more comfortably and even be in a healthier atmosphere.

Below are three particular benefits that carpet cleaning services offers the average individual in their own home environment.

Benefit #1: It prolongs the life of the carpeting.

This might not be important for a renter, but for a homeowner, this could be tremendously crucial. The average life expectancy for plush wall-to-wall carpeting might be anywhere between 10 and 12 years. However, if that carpeting is never professionally cleaned and there are a few kids constantly running throughout the house and/or perhaps not the neatest of adults, the carpeting could look as though it needs to be replaced in just four or five years.

Benefit #2: It improves comfort.

Most of the time, right after a homeowner has a professional carpet cleaning service come in and clean all of their carpets and area rugs, they actually feel more comfortable. The stains are gone, the carpets look almost new, and the smell throughout the house is completely different. This level of comfort is vital for almost everyone, even though it’s often overlooked.

Benefit #3: It can inspire everyone in the house to keep up with cleanliness.

When everyone in the house is paying closer attention to cleanliness, they will probably be spending a little bit more time vacuuming, dusting, putting dirty laundry away, cleaning up after dinner, and so on.

It can actually have a direct impact on everyone and their attitude in that house. For that reason alone, some people rely on carpet cleaning services because it inspires subtle changes that are beneficial.

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New Carpeting? Great. Keep it Looking Like New

rugYou’ve just purchased brand-new wall-to-wall carpeting throughout your house. It’s in every bedroom, maybe your family room, and perhaps one other room. It looks great. It smells invigorating. Your home feels comfortable once again.

You are probably going to go out of your way to protect them.

You might have other family members in the house with you. You can have children, spouse, or somebody else. You will admonish them to not take any type of food or drink into those rooms. You will get on top of them to vacuum regularly. You want them to protect these carpets as long as possible.

But, like with most things in life, time takes over.

The hustle and bustle of daily life, the regular rigors of work or school, having friends over, visitors, and much more will begin to change things. Eventually, somebody will become a little bit too accustomed to these carpets, not see them as being new anymore, and just figure they will be safe.

Food gets dropped. Mud gets tracked in. It’s going to happen. It always does. Then, just like when you purchase a brand-new car, that first issue causes you to care a lot less about keeping up with it.

A professional carpet cleaning service can change everything.

You can have a professional carpet cleaning service come in just once a year and help restore the carpets to almost new condition. That can help remove any stains, dirt that is built up naturally over time, and help you feel inspired once again to take better care of them.

It’s best to have a professional carpet cleaning service come in every six months, once after winter is over and then again in the fall, before winter starts up once more. This will not only help you feel great, enjoy that new carpet feel time and time again, it will also help to extend the life expectancy of those carpets.

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Ways You Can Extend the Life of Area Rugs

vacuum-You have a number of area rugs in your house. You might have one underneath the dining room table. You may have a runner down the hall. You could have a couple of area rugs, maybe even a gorgeous Persian rug, along the floor of your living room, or other part of the house.

Vacuuming isn’t enough.

You vacuum those rugs, just like you do the wall-to-wall carpeting in your bedrooms and maybe even the family room. You figure that is enough.

However, over time, you will start to notice those rugs beginning to wear out. They don’t look as clean or as bright as they did when you first brought them into your house. There are ways you can extend the life of your area rugs to which could save you potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars by not having to replace them in four or five years.

Have them professionally cleaned.

Just as you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, if not every six months, you should have those area rugs cleaned consistently, too. A professional carpet cleaning service can either do that in your house or take your area rugs away for a more thorough, deep cleaning and possibly basic repair, especially if you have valuable area rugs like Persian rugs.

Rotate them.

It’s a good idea to rotate your rugs, especially those that are in common walking areas. If you rotate them, they will not wear out in one spot quicker than anywhere else on the rug. This will extend the life expectancy for these area rugs.

Keep them out of direct sunlight.

Anything in the direct glare of the sun is going to be affected by the ultraviolet radiation. Those UV rays are going to fade the colors and make those rugs look less than optimal within a few short years. If you keep them out of direct sunlight, it can help extend the life expectancy for those rugs and other surfaces.

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What You Think Stays in the Bathroom … May Actually Follow You Out

home sized carpet cleanerWhat is lingering in your bathroom? Most people readily understand there are germs, bacteria, and other foreign contaminants you don’t really want to think about. Most of the time, we just assume those foreign materials are remaining where they are, in the bathroom, around the toilet, around the toilet seat, in the tub, and so on. However, sometimes (and often times) those foreign particulates get dragged out into the rest of the house.

It could be on your shoes. It could be on socks. It could be on slippers or bare feet. It could get caught in clothing. Where do you put your clean clothes when you go to take a shower? Most people might put it on the top of the toilet seat (the closed lid) or the sink. If any part of the clothing touches a dirty surface, it is collecting some of that bacteria, some of those germs. Suddenly all of those particulates are getting dragged out of the room and into the rest of the house.

It’s getting caught on carpeting and furniture.

That sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? However, that’s exactly what happens every single day. Most people just don’t want to think about it. However, even if you are vacuuming regularly, you vacuum and wash down your furniture (washing down the leather furniture and vacuuming the cloth material), it’s not getting everything up.

A lot of it will get stuck in the fibers, especially the carpet fibers. They get trapped in there and even the strongest residential vacuum cleaner cannot get it out. Then, when somebody walks on the surface of the carpet, they are kicking up some of that bacteria and germs into the air. Then, you and other people in your house, family or friends, are inhaling it.

Just because you think something is staying in the bathroom doesn’t mean it is. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the cleanliness and to consider a professional carpet cleaning service at least annually to keep you and your family healthier and safer.

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Selling Your Home Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore the Carpets

abstract sell glow sign in dark

abstract sell glow sign in dark

Your about to put your home on the market. You’ve been getting things packed away, looking for a new house, or perhaps you’ve already purchased one. As you get your home ready for viewing, are you paying attention to the cleanliness of every component?

In other words, how do those carpets look?

You probably don’t really pay much attention to it. After all, your realtor has already told you that most homebuyers are going to want to replace the carpeting before they move in. This may very well be the case, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the carpets.

Dingy, dirty, old looking carpets will have an impact on the sale value.

It’s similar to having brand new, gorgeous windows in your house. New windows are going to attract attention. They are going to make people realize the homeowner who is selling it really took care of this house. They’re going to see those new windows and feel more inspired to want to make an offer.

That’s because with new windows, there’s going to be better clarity through those windows and allow more fresh sunlight inside. That increased abundance of sunlight coming into the house is going to create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere.

If you have dirty, old looking carpets, it’s going to completely have the opposite effect. People are going to see the carpet and try to envision what the entire house will look like with new carpeting.

They’re not going to feel as comfortable. The atmosphere inside will not feel as welcoming. Some prospective buyers may even pass because they don’t get a good impression.

However, if you have those carpets professionally cleaned, consider it a small investment that can pay dividends on the sale of your house. A small investment of a few hundred dollars could actually bring you several thousand dollars more in offers and, ultimately, the sale price of your home. Yes, the new homebuyers may replace the carpets anyway, but it’s all about presentation and making your house look its best.

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A Few Helpful Tips to Get Teens Helping with Cleaning

dollar-signYou have teenagers in your house. Our sympathies go out to you. It can be extremely difficult to deal with teenage angst and attitudes, and trying to get them to help clean and keeping up with the regular cleanliness of your house can feel like herding cats.

Here are a few helpful tips that may just help with that. Keep in mind, though, that even if everything is going smoothly and you have your teenagers helping to vacuum, wash down the windows, do the dishes, and throw out the garbage, and more, it’s still a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, if not every six months.

Now, let’s get to those helpful tips.

Tip #1: Make it a competition.

Teenagers are competitive by nature. If you have a couple of teenagers, and if they are extremely competitive, you can create a game out of the cleaning issues. They can earn tokens, points, and more every week. Keep the chart, like you might have when they were much younger, and they can boast or gloat to each other, if that’s what they want to do.

Tip #2: Offer a reward.

Allowance is one thing, and a token economy system is something else. If you want to inspire your teenagers to get involved in cleaning, you might want to offer a monetary reward, something they can measure quickly, receive right away, and spend however they wish.

Tip #3: Explain how a dirty environment affects their health.

Some teenagers get sick frequently. Others never seem to get sick at all. If your teenagers are like the latter part of this example, they may not care how dirty their room is, but when you explain that the majority of dust inside the house is actually dead skin cells, and how some of the other particulates can affect their health and allergies, they might actually become a bit more inspired to help you keep this house clean.

We hope some of these tips help because we know how difficult it can be to keep up with the cleanliness of the house when you have teenagers constantly running around and in and out.

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