What One Thing Should You Look for with a Carpet Cleaning Service?

tips to help keep your house looking goodThe moment you decide to hire a carpet cleaning company to come into your home and evaluate the situation, clean some of the stains, and maybe even restore the carpet to as close to new condition as possible, you may not have a clue what to look for.

Below are several things you should consider when hiring any carpet cleaning company.


Make no mistake about it, experience is essential. The more experience a company has, the more effective they will be at cleaning carpet, including getting many stubborn stains out. They will also likely understand the importance of toxic free chemicals and other solutions you might not want inside your house.


The type of carpet cleaning equipment the company has makes a difference. For example, if a relatively new company only uses consumer-type machines, they won’t be nearly as powerful as professional cleaning equipment. On top of that, if you aren’t certain whether these are machines they own or they rent them on a per diem basis, as they get work, you could do the same job by renting one of these machines at your local hardware or home improvement store.


Online reviews are extremely helpful at helping customers determine which companies would benefit them. Check out the reviews previous clients have left for any potential carpet cleaning company you want to hire. Avoid the reviews on their own website; these can be easily manipulated.

Instead, look to Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and other review sites.

When you begin looking at what previous clients have to say, it should give you an overall idea about whether they have the experience you want, whether they will provide the results you expect, and if they are worth the investment.

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Staging Your Home for Sale: Start with a Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning tipsYou’re planning to sell your house. You may be looking to move away from the area, you’re tired of your home and simply want a fresh start, you’re getting a divorce, the children are now out of the house and you no longer need so much space, or some other reason. In order to properly prepare for selling your home, consider a carpet cleaning service.

Staging is highly recommended today.

Proper ‘staging’ of the house can have a significant impact on potential homebuyers. Real estate professionals recommend a home be properly staged, with limited furniture, well lit rooms, the right lighting, and more.

Staging also includes having everything clean.

Included in staging should be carpet cleaning services. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in all of the bedrooms and maybe the family room, vacuuming is one thing, but it’s not enough.

Only a professional carpet cleaning can make them look their best.

Some people have a do-it-yourself mentality. These men and women may rush down to their local home improvement store to rent a carpet cleaning machine. That may sound fine, but what they fail to realize is those machines are not regulated; they can be used to clean up just about anything, from bodily fluids to harmful chemicals.

When you bring one of these rental machines into your home, you are bringing along with it whatever was cleaned the last time somebody used it.

On top of that, these handheld machines simply don’t have the kind of power that a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine does. They will not get as deep down into the carpet pile as a truck mounted machine will, and that means the carpets simply won’t look as good as they could with the right service.

Get your home looking its best with a carpet cleaning service.

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Pet Odors That Never Seem to Go Away? It’s Probably Trapped in Your Carpeting

carpet-cleaning-allergiesMaybe it’s been a few years since you had a pet in your house. No matter what you do, no matter how many times you vacuum, wash the furniture, clean the drapes, dust, and struggle to get rid of that familiar pet odor, it never really goes away. It can be frustrating.

It can cause you to pull your hair out and want to rip out all the carpeting.

Before you make a rash decision like that (either one) consider a professional carpet cleaning service. That’s because pet stains, pet dander, and other pollutants can get trapped in the carbon fibers and work their way deep down where even the most powerful residential vacuum cleaner cannot get it out.

The only way to completely remove stains and restore your carpets to as close to new as possible, depending on their age, is through a professional carpet cleaning service. When you hire a company that has truck mounted equipment, highly experienced and well-trained staff members, and the best techniques and cleaning solutions, it can make a world of difference in how your home smells.

It’s not fun coming home to your house after a long day at the office, spending half an hour, an hour, or more in the car, and then the moment you step through the front door you notice just how strong those odors are.

It can even cause you to avoid inviting family and friends over because you’re embarrassed. You can end this problem with one simple phone call. Hire a professional and experienced carpet cleaning company to come into your home, evaluate the current conditions of your carpets, and clean them, if they can be cleaned. Most wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs can be cleaned to help remove odors and look their best.

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How Much Should You Be Concerned About the Chemicals Used to Professionally Clean Carpets?

eco-friendlyYou’ve been thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, but you’re worried about the cleaning solutions they use. You don’t want harmful chemicals brought into your house, but when you look around and see several stains from pet accidents, your kids dropping grape juice or soda on the floor, and other mishaps, you assume there’s no other option.

You just want to minimize exposure to these chemicals.

It’s understandable. You want to keep your family safe. You don’t want your children, who probably roll around on the carpeting often, to be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. While many companies blatantly say the chemicals they use are safe, some simply aren’t.

You can choose environmentally safe cleaning solutions.

There are numerous cleaning solutions that are considered environmentally safe. They don’t have toxic chemicals, are not harmful to people or animals, and can be quite effective with the right equipment and techniques.

There may be times when harsher chemicals are needed, but often they could potentially cause discoloration or other types of damage to the carpeting and are only used in certain situations.

Just speak to the carpet cleaning company first.

If you have concerns, express them directly to the representative at the carpet cleaning service. Ask what kind of chemicals they may use to do a basic carpet cleaning. They should provide you a list of the most commonly used solutions that you can cross-reference online to see whether or not they are actually harmful or harmless to people and pets.

Finally, when you do have a carpet cleaning company come into your home, they will likely provide certain instructions about how long you should wait before going on the surface or allowing kids, adults, and pets back into the area. This has nothing to do (in most cases) with any cleaning solutions they use, but rather the water that still remains in the carpeting. They will be damp and not allowing them the appropriate amount of time to dry can lead to a damp, musty smell that is not what you may have wished for.

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End of Summer Cleaning to Get Ready for Fall

carpet cleaning tipsFall usually means summer is over, school is back in session, and people get back to their normal routine in life. Summer barbecues have come to an end, vacations at the beach are over, and while many people don’t like to think about winter looming in the distance, this is a great opportunity to get ready and refreshed for a new season.

Here are a few tips that can help just about any homeowner get ready for fall and, even though they may not be fond of the colder temperatures, they can be more comfortable within their own home environment.

Tip #1: Have carpets professionally cleaned.

There’s nothing like having every carpet in the house professionally cleaned. Not only does it help to remove stains, it also removes the maximum amount of bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants that get commonly trapped in carpet fibers.

Many people comment after a professional carpet cleaning how their home suddenly smells refreshed, almost like new once again.

Tip #2: Clean the windows thoroughly.

Whether the windows were cleaned at the beginning the summer or they haven’t been touched in years, it’s a good time to get out there on a cooler day and clean the glass, panes, and other surface areas around the windows. Not only will this make the entire house look a little cleaner, it could improve functionality of some of those windows, especially older ones.

Tip #3: Develop a cleaning schedule.

Whether you have roommates or a family with children, developing a cleaning schedule that everyone has to adhere to means less pressure is placed on just one person. For example, one child could be responsible for cleaning his bedroom on a Wednesday and then on Friday, they are responsible for dusting, wiping down the walls and corners, and vacuuming the living room.

When you follow these tips, your home will be ready for autumn and you will feel refreshed and recharged in a way you might not have felt for a long time.

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For Those with Allergies, Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference

dealing with more then sneezingAllergies are no fun. Springtime may be one of the most difficult seasons of the year for people with allergies to get through, especially with pollen, pet dander, grass clippings, and so much more that can irritate allergies almost any time of the year.

While your home may look clean, it might still be harboring a lot of pollutants.

You dust regularly. You vacuum almost every other day. You even go so far as to dust furniture and other surfaces. You might even take down the drapes every week to wash them. Yes, it’s a massive undertaking at times, but you know that keeping your home as free and clear of dust and other pollutants is the best way to reduce allergies.

However, vacuuming alone isn’t enough.

Even the strongest residential vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to get all of the germs, bacteria, and allergens out of the carpet fibers. When those pollutants collect on the carpet fibers, they get worked down deeper and deeper every time somebody steps on the carpeting, the vacuum cleaner roller bar coasts over it, and so much more.

The vacuum may be powerful, but it often leaves behind more than 60% of those pollutants.

A professional carpet cleaning service is one of the best ways to help clean those carpets and reduce allergens inside the home. For somebody with intense allergies, it’s highly recommended to consider a professional carpet cleaning every six months. If that’s not practical, at least once a year is optimal for not just improving indoor air quality, but also helping to protect carpets and keep them lasting as long as possible.

In fact, a professional carpet cleaning service once a year can extend the life of wall-to-wall carpets by two and even three or four years, at least.

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How Much Do You Know About the Elements Lurking in Your Carpet?

Carpet Phobia: 3 Reasons You Still Might Have Dust Mites even if You Got Rid of All the Carpeting at HomeWhat’s lurking in your carpets right now? You may look down and see a nice, soft Berber carpeting that looks pretty clean. Sure, there might be a stray leaf from a plant you have in the windowsill sitting there, but that’s easy enough to pick up. Maybe you have deep pile carpet. Right along the surface, just after you vacuumed it, it looks perfectly clean.

Maybe you had a spill a few months ago that you cleaned up. You used a carpet cleaning solution, a sponge, some paper towels, and elbow grease, and once it dried, it seemed as though you got everything up.

The truth is much different.

That stain is most likely still there. Whether it’s pet urine, sauce, grape juice, or anything else, and even though you may have Scotchgard or some other protective surface on your carpet, some of that liquid will have worked down deeper into the carpet pile.

Even a tightly wound Berber carpet can trap a lot of dust, allergens, bacteria, germs, and much more. That means your carpet is not nearly as clean as you probably thought.

Just because you vacuum, that doesn’t get everything up. In fact, even the most powerful residential carpet cleaning machine or vacuum still leaves behind more than half of all the germs, allergens, and other pollutants that hide in your carpet fibers.

That’s why a professional carpet cleaning service is so important.

It’s not just about protecting carpets, but protecting your family as well. When you can improve the indoor air quality while also extending the life of your wall-to-wall or area rugs by years, it makes a great investment.

Most people are quite surprised at how affordable a professional carpet cleaning service can be with an experienced company with the right equipment.

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Are There Drawbacks to Steam Cleaning Carpets?

home sized carpet cleanerThere are two basic ways that carpet cleaning companies clean their carpets and area rugs. The most common is with professional equipment and water. Steam cleaning can be highly effective because it helps to loosen up stubborn staining materials, including pet urine, pasta sauce, grape juice, and much more.

There’s also a dry type of carpet cleaning that can be done.

In order to be effective as a dry carpet cleaning service, they will be using certain types of chemicals, including sprays and powders. The most common is a powder as that helps to maintain the dry surface.

These chemicals are designed to work down into the carpet fabric and begin disintegrating the staining material, then allowing the carpet cleaning expert to vacuum up the powder and any residue that was trapped in those fibers.

Many people opt for the steam cleaning of their carpets because they wouldn’t have to use as much potentially harmful chemicals to get them looking their best. On top of that, it’s the same premise as washing clothes.

You could apply a certain cleaning powder to a stain on a shirt, but it’s not going to be as effective at removing odors and other contaminants that get trapped in the material.

For those who want the best results with a carpet cleaning service, they should specifically ask for wet or steam cleaned carpeting. It may take some time for the carpeted surface to dry, and for some people that is an annoyance, but if they do allow them to dry properly, running a fan over the surface, keeping the windows open, if possible, and more, it will simply have a much better result in the and.

When you are investing in a carpet cleaning service, relying on steam cleaning could be a powerfully effective way to help restore your carpets to looking like new, or as close as possible.

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Busting Three Impressive Myths About Cleaning Your Own Carpets

Carpet, Upholstery Stains RemovalFar too many people assume they can just clean their own carpets just as good as a professional carpet cleaning company. In truth, although it may look decent at first, there are many things that personal home use carpet cleaning machines or even the ones you rent at your local hardware store can’t do.

Here are three myths that many people have about cleaning their own carpet.

Myth #1: It works just as well.

People assume that just because it’s a machine it’s going to do just as good a job as a truck mounted one. A handheld machine has nowhere near the same suction power as a truck mounted machine. That means even if you rented a portable carpet cleaning machine, it can never do as thorough a job as a truck mounted piece of equipment.

As noted earlier, it may look decent on the surface, but when you dig deeper down into the carpet pile, you begin to see just how much of a difference it is.

Myth #2: Any rental machine is fine.

If you go to your local hardware store and rent a carpet cleaning machine, you have no clue what it was used for previously. The last person to rent it might have cleaned up a crime scene with bodily fluids or a chemical spill.

Just because they may have cleaned it out or rinsed the exterior of it doesn’t mean you couldn’t be tracking in all of that stuff into your house.

Myth #3: It will get stains out of the carpet.

Unless you have the right techniques, the right cleaning solutions, and the strongest equipment, the odds are you may only get the stains right along surface out of the carpeting, but the wrong cleaning solutions and techniques can actually cause damage to the carpet.

That’s why it’s always best to rely on a professional and experienced carpet cleaning service.

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If Your Home Stinks, It Could Be the Carpeting

musty smell in carpetEvery time you come home these days, you can’t help but notice that on odor’s hitting you right in the face. You wish there was something you could do, but no amount of candles, incense, or other room deodorizers is helping. You have completely cleaned every removable surface and material, including the drapery, but it could be the carpeting.

The older carpeting is, the more likely it’s holding a lot of staining materials. It could be a simple soda or grape juice that was spilled, pasta sauce, or pet odors. Whatever it is that may be trapped deep down in the carpet fibers, your vacuum cleaner is powerless to do anything about it.

What about those home carpet cleaning machines?

Whether you have purchased your own personal carpet cleaning machine or plan to rent one, there are many problems with that idea. First and foremost, they won’t have the power that a professional carpet cleaning service with truck mounted equipment will have. They simply won’t be able to get deep down into the carpet pile to make that much of a difference.

Then, on top of that, if you are planning to rent one of these machines, there are no regulations on who can rent it and what they can be used for. As long as they are returned looking decent, you have no idea if they were used to clean up chemical spills, bodily wastes, or other harmful materials.

If you bring that into your house, you are also bringing in whatever was cleaned with it previously.

The best thing you can do to help restore that wonderful aroma and clean feeling your house had a long time ago is to hire a carpet cleaning company to deep clean all of your carpets and possibly even some of your furniture and draperies.

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