If Your Home Stinks, It Could Be the Carpeting

musty smell in carpetEvery time you come home these days, you can’t help but notice that on odor’s hitting you right in the face. You wish there was something you could do, but no amount of candles, incense, or other room deodorizers is helping. You have completely cleaned every removable surface and material, including the drapery, but it could be the carpeting.

The older carpeting is, the more likely it’s holding a lot of staining materials. It could be a simple soda or grape juice that was spilled, pasta sauce, or pet odors. Whatever it is that may be trapped deep down in the carpet fibers, your vacuum cleaner is powerless to do anything about it.

What about those home carpet cleaning machines?

Whether you have purchased your own personal carpet cleaning machine or plan to rent one, there are many problems with that idea. First and foremost, they won’t have the power that a professional carpet cleaning service with truck mounted equipment will have. They simply won’t be able to get deep down into the carpet pile to make that much of a difference.

Then, on top of that, if you are planning to rent one of these machines, there are no regulations on who can rent it and what they can be used for. As long as they are returned looking decent, you have no idea if they were used to clean up chemical spills, bodily wastes, or other harmful materials.

If you bring that into your house, you are also bringing in whatever was cleaned with it previously.

The best thing you can do to help restore that wonderful aroma and clean feeling your house had a long time ago is to hire a carpet cleaning company to deep clean all of your carpets and possibly even some of your furniture and draperies.

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Chemical or Bio Matter Requires a Specialty Carpet Cleaning Company

Stain RemovalYou might be moving into a new house, renting a place, or have been living in the same home for decades. At some point in time you may be inclined to try and clean the carpets yourself. Vacuuming is fine, but it’s not enough to keep them looking their best for very long.

Over time, dust and dirt works deeper into the carpet fibers.

There’s really no way to avoid this, and even regular cleaning with the most powerful residential cleaner out there is not enough to get everything out. Dirt, bacteria, germs, and other particulates can get caught in the carpet fiber and remain trapped, even as the vacuum cleaner rolls over the top time and time again.

The longer you’ve had carpeting inside your house, the more likely this will happen over time and will begin to show with a dingy appearance to the carpeting itself.

If you have some kind of spill occur in your home, such as oil, gasoline, a cleaning solution, or anything else, you need to get it up as soon as possible. Not only can this be extremely harmful to you, your pets, and other people in your family, it can also cause a lot of damage to your carpeting and other floor surfaces.

What about urine, vomit, and other biological materials?

A lot of pet owners, especially dog owners, realize this is a reality. Even the most well trained dog is going to have accidents from time to time. You might use vinegar or other home remedies and solutions to clean this matter up, but no matter what stained the carpet, you won’t get all of it out.

It’s best to call a professional carpet cleaning service instead of doing it on your own.

You can rent a machine, but there are no regulations regarding what it can or can’t be used for. You might be using a machine that was just used the day before to clean up some really harsh stuff you don’t want anywhere near your house.

On top of that, a company that has truck mounted equipment is going to be in the best position to get your carpets as clean as possible, thus removing the chemical or bio matter effectively.

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Can You Trust Carpet Cleaning Pros?

carpet cleaning torontoIt’s really easy to assume that carpet cleaning individuals are low-paid, uneducated, unprofessional individuals. After all, who would even want this kind of job? A person who may only have a high school education, if that, right?

This kind of thinking is why it’s so easy to believe carpet cleaning professionals are untrustworthy.

In reality, it’s a developed skill.

To be highly effective as a carpet cleaning professional, it requires a lot of experience. When people first start working in this career field, they may have certain misconception about it. They may assume it’s an easy job and anyone can do it.

It requires proper training and the right equipment. A carpet cleaning company that uses truck mounted equipment is one that can get carpets as clean as possible. This can be a tremendous benefit for those who may be staring at stains, a dirty appearance to the carpet, and may simply want to restore the look, luster, and feel of it to almost new condition.

Also, the cleaning solutions are important.

If somebody doesn’t have a great deal of experience cleaning carpets, they may use general carpet cleaning products. That may be effective, but it could cause damage on certain types of carpets, colors, or materials.

It may also be something the homeowner doesn’t really want inside their house, so they would be tasked with using environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions. In that case, different techniques and methods might need to be used.

So, can you trust carpet cleaning professionals?

That’s entirely up to you. You should understand that if you have any questions about integrity, ensure you or somebody else will be home when the carpet cleaning service will be doing the work. Some people let these professionals into their house and then go off to work. With a quality, trustworthy company like Royal Interior Cleaning, this is really no issue, but you should be comfortable with your decision from start to finish.

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Summer Guests Will Be Impressed When You Do This One Simple Thing

The Second 3 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for a Summer PartyPlanning to host a party, barbecue, or other celebration during summer can be exciting. Unfortunately, your home looks like you have three young children. The carpeting looks old, has stains, and the floors are just looking awful.

You don’t plan on having people inside your house for long, but they will use the bathroom. You can make everything look incredible with one simple decision.

Hire an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company.

An experienced carpet cleaning service can come into your house and restore the look of those carpets. Depending on how old the carpeting is, how many stains it’s been exposed to, and how long those stains have been there, there may be limited options on what they can do, but the best companies can help you have as clean carpets and rugs as possible for this upcoming summer party.

People want their home to look its best.

But the daily rigors of life, working a full-time job, raising children, simply getting home too late in the day usually mean cleaning is put on the back burner. Running a vacuum cleaner over the carpeting every once in a while may be good enough for now, but it’s going to lead to problems in the future.

Even vacuuming every few days isn’t going to keep those carpets looking their best through the years. You do need a carpet cleaning service every once in a while to not just restore the look and feel of them, but to also maximize longevity of your carpets.

If you’re planning to host a party this summer, you will probably do a lot of cleaning, yard work, and other preparation to make everything look its best, and when you do, make sure that includes the right carpet cleaning service.

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Remember to Look Up When Cleaning Your Home (It Helps)

The Second 3 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for a Summer PartyFor most people, getting through the summer months is about maintaining basic cleanliness inside the house. You don’t want to be spending hours upon hours every single week doing laundry, cleaning the floors, wiping down services, and more. However, most people will get into the habit of vacuuming their floors at least once a week.

When you have children, it may be necessary to vacuum more frequently.

The more people you have in your house, especially when you have young children and others who may not pay as close attention to cleanliness as you do, you may be tasked with more duties with this regard.

When you vacuum more frequently, you may have a tendency to overlook some very important factors, especially dust and dirt that can collect overhead.

When was the last time you wiped down all window sills?

Most people, when asked this, won’t have an answer. That’s because most people never really do this.

You might have only done this when you first moved in to your house, if that. However, every time you have the windows open, people walk into and out of the room, or air gets displaced for any other reason, that dust and dirt that sits on the windowsills, over the door frames, ceiling fans, and more is all sifting down, gathering on the carpet.

The longer this dust and dirt is allowed to sit on the carpeting, the more likely it works its way deeper into the carpet fibers, making it much more difficult to get out, even with the strongest residential vacuum cleaners.

If you simply take a moment to wipe down these surfaces once a week, doing a different room in your house every day, it should take no more than five or 10 minutes, tops. It’s a small investment to keep your home looking its best, reducing dust and other pollutants floating through the air, and keeping your carpets and other floor surfaces looking great.

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Every Time You Turn That Ceiling Fan On, It Could Be Dirtying Your Carpets

ceiling=fanIf you’re like most people, you have a tendency to vacuum the carpeting in your house at least once a week. Some people let it go every two weeks or even three weeks, and while it may not be a big deal if you don’t have children in your house, for those who have kids running around constantly, they understand the importance of vacuuming regularly.

Even if you vacuum every week, you may begin to notice that the condition of the carpeting seems to deteriorate over time. It doesn’t seem to get as clean as it used to.

It could be exposed to stains, but it can also be something else.

As we get into the warmer months of the summer, you will likely be using your ceiling fans more frequently. This is the way that many Canadians keep cool. Those ceiling fans, though, can attract a lot of dust and dirt. If you don’t clean them as regularly as you do your carpets, every time you turn them on all the dust that collected onto the fan blades is going to get thrown out into the air. That dust, dirt, and other particulates will float around until they land, either on your furniture, coffee or end tables, entertainment centers, televisions, and, ultimately, the floor. When it lands on the floor, you might not see it or notice right away, but eventually you will begin to realize how it affects the quality and integrity of your floor surfaces.

It’s a good idea and a good habit to develop that every time you set out to vacuum, make sure you dust down the ceiling fans and other appliances that might be up, out of immediate sight, and thus out of mind. When you get into this habit, you will notice the condition and quality of your carpets begins to improve.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year as well. This will keep them looking great for as long as possible.

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Tips for Helping Keep Different Floor Surfaces Looking Their Best

vacuum-It’s important to make sure your home is clean, not just for cleanliness itself, but to help your furniture, carpeting, and other floor surfaces last as long as possible. Under the normal wear and tear of daily life in any house, these particular items will wear out. They will collect more dirt, it will be subject to stains and other trauma, and when you want to keep everything looking its best, it might be difficult with a variety of different floor surfaces.

You may have a gorgeous hardwood floor in the hallway, dining room, and maybe even one or two bedrooms, but wall-to-wall carpeting in some of the other rooms. In your bathroom you might have ceramic tile and in the kitchen you could have marble or even linoleum tile.

How can you keep all of these different floor surfaces looking their best? Well, here are a few tips that can help.

Tip #1: Vacuum regularly.

A high quality residential vacuum cleaner can be ideal for not just carpets, but Berber rugs, hardwood floor surfaces, and more.

The sooner you get up light dust and other dirt, even from hardwood floors, the less likely scratching, etching, and pitting will occur.

Tip #2: Don’t reuse dirty water.

When you clean the bathroom floor, for example, you might use a mop and bucket. That’s okay, but it’s best to use a floor cleaning machine, even a residential one, to reduce bacteria spread and other issues.

If you do use a mop and bucket, which is the most common thing for residential uses, don’t reuse it in any other part of the house. This goes for every room. Even if you mop the hallway, change the water before you clean the kitchen, dining room, or other floor surface.

Tip #3: Beat out your area rugs.

Periodically it’s a good idea to take your area rugs up, drape them over a deck or some other surface outside, and pound them. By pounding them, you’re removing a lot of the dust and dirt that can accumulate, especially down toward the bottom of the surface.

Tip #4: Hire a professional cleaning service.

An experienced carpet cleaning company, for example, should have a great deal of experience with a variety of floor surfaces. Even though you do regular cleaning, it’s a good idea to have all of your floor surfaces professionally cleaned at least once a year.

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It’s More Important Than Ever to Protect Leather Furniture This Summer

keeping leather cleanNow that summer is just about upon us, it’s time to really think about protecting the inside of your house. As the sun gets higher and hotter, it’s going to take a more serious toll on various items throughout your house.

One of those items, or many of them, in fact, is your furniture. You may have a leather couch, a leather loveseat or recliner, but it also applies to natural wood finished furniture and much more. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation has the power to heat up, dry out, and cause cracking, deterioration of the color, and degradation of the wood for various surfaces.

There are steps you can take to protect your leather furniture this summer.

First, keep it moist.

One of the most important things to do is keep your furniture moist. If you have leather, that is rawhide. As a former living creature, it needs moisture to keep it from cracking and degrading.

You can use a basic moisturizer, such as water in a mist or saddle soap. If your leather furniture is exposed to direct sunlight for numerous hours in the day, try to keep it as protected as possible, either by using curtains, blinds, shutters, or other drapery. If you have the opportunity to move things around, do so.

Keep it clean.

Any dust or other particulates that accumulate on leather and other surfaces can cause degradation of the quality of the material. Clean it regularly and, at least once a year, have a professional carpet cleaning service come into your home to not just clean your carpets, but also the leather furniture and other items that need protection on a regular basis.

Finally, consider a film coating on your windows.

You can buy aftermarket film coatings that can reduce the amount of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate into your house or, if you are considering new replacement windows, you can also have that applied during manufacture. This is just one more way to help protect your leather and other furniture items inside your home.

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3 Great Tips to Help Protect Your Leather Furniture

Stain RemovalWhen you purchased your leather furniture, you probably understood it was going to require diligence to keep it in great shape. Over the years, though, it’s easy to begin neglecting various types of furniture, especially after a spill, stain, or something else that causes you to basically give up.

Don’t ever give up on your leather furniture. While you can certainly call an experienced cleaning service, there are some things you can do in between professional cleanings. Below are three tips that can help you keep your leather furniture looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

Tip #1: Be diligent about it.

This means you should be consistent about your effort to clean and maintain your leather furniture. You certainly need to make sure it is moisturized and avoid as much direct sunlight as possible. If furniture cannot avoid direct sunlight, you may want to consider additives to go on the glass of your windows that can cut down on the ultraviolet radiation penetrating into your home. It’s the sun’s UV rays that cause drying, cracking, and fading of various types of furniture, including leather furniture.

Tip #2: Clean spills immediately.

Spills are going to happen, especially if you have children in your house. When spills do occur, make sure they’re cleaned up as quickly as possible. Even if the leather furniture has seen better days, if you get spills cleaned up as quickly as possible, it makes it more likely that an experienced and professional cleaning service, such as a carpet cleaning company, may be able to help restore the look of that leather furniture.

Tip #3: Dust it consistently.

You might never have thought that you have to dust your leather furniture, but the more dust that collects on the furniture itself, the dirtier it’s going to appear over time.

Saddle soap is a great thing to consider for leather furniture to keep it clean.

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Removing Smoke Smells from Your Home with Carpet Cleaning Services

cigarette-smoke-odor-removal-from-carpetIf you have a smoker in your house, then you know all about the unique and not-all-too pleasant odor it can leave behind. Smoke will get into almost every surface, including curtains, furniture, carpeting, and more. Whether it’s you, a spouse, or some other family member who smokes and you’ve noticed how much it’s impacting your entire home, there is a solution.

Hire a carpet cleaning service.

It’s a good idea to think about hiring a carpet cleaning service. They won’t be able to help with the walls and other possessions throughout your house that get ruined by constant smoke, but they can certainly help to remove a significant portion of the odor that’s penetrated into the carpeting throughout the house.

Even your area rugs and furniture could get a new lease on life when you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

Why this would be a good idea.

The longer that something has a chance to work into the fabric of various items (including carpeting, rugs, furniture, including leather, and more), the tougher it becomes to get it back out. The last thing you want (or should want) is to have to replace these items before you should have to.

The average life expectancy for wall-to-wall carpeting is between 10 and 12 years, on average, but that all depends on usage, abuse, wear and tear, and so much more. If your carpets are only a couple of years old and are looking sad, holding a strong odor from smoking, pets, or stains, and you’ve been resigning yourself to the idea of already replacing them … stop.

Call a professional carpet cleaning service and a quality company will assess the situation and know exactly the right methods and solutions that can help restore them to a great condition. Never underestimate the power of carpet cleaning done right.

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