Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning

What You Should Know About the Fine Art of Rug Cleaning

For generations we have embellished our homes with decorative rugs on both floors and high traffic carpeted areas, but when it comes time to clean them, they require special care.

Persian Rug CleaningWhat Important Things Should I Know About Rug Cleaning?

Rug cleaning involves careful selection of cleaning solutions and procedures that are compatible with the rug material. Many pieces are made of wool, and it has a tendency to shrink and become easily damaged. The last thing you need is irrevocable damage to a beautiful and costly rug. Without expert knowledge of cleaning chemicals and procedures, this process should be left to a professional service.

Could Our Household Rugs Be a Source of Allergens?

Rugs will build up dirt and dust quite quickly and although they are vacuumed, the particles can accumulate deep within the fibers. These particles accumulate and manifest themselves as allergens in those who occupy the home. A high concentration of allergens increases susceptibility to colds and can create respiratory issues or aggravate existing respiratory problems such as Asthma. Plus, each time someone walks across the rug, dust and dander is lifted and remains airborne for a considerable time afterward.

Deep rug cleaning is the only solution to removing these allergens and promoting a healthy atmosphere in the home.

Professional Equipment

Quality Equipment Used to Ensure Best Results

Some of the most common allergens removed are:

  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Pet Dander
  • Animal Parasites
  • Mold

What If We Vacuum Regularly?

A regular vacuuming of your rugs is definitely required however often not enough to thoroughly clean them. Dirt settles deeply over time and the average household vacuum is not powerful enough to get deep down in the fibers.

Using store bought carpet shampooers is not advisable for your rugs, especially Oriental or Persian rugs. The machine and solutions sold with it could permanently flaw its appearance. Wool has a very high tendency to shrink and many times the colors used are not fast either. The chemicals in the shampoos can cause the colors to run. The only truly effective and safe solution for rug cleaning is a professional touch.

What Happens After I Drop Off The Rug?

Our trained personnel will take into account the material of your rug and will determine the ideal procedure for cleaning it. Delicate rugs like silk, Persian or Oriental that require careful cleaning, will be handled differently than the more common blends like wool, nylon, cotton and polyblends. There are two methods for cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs; hand wash and power wash.

Each and every rug begins with a thorough inspection of your rug and determining of its type, materials used, and the dyes it contains. Our experts will then determine the best rug cleaning procedures based on the results and handle it with care. It’s important to consult with one of our trained professionals to ensure your costly investment or handmade rug maintains its value, shape and beautiful appearance. We provide a 100% guarantee on all our services whether you are a business or household customer, and are committed to maintain the highest standards.