Odor Removal From Your Home, Carpets, Furniture

Safe and Effective Odor Removal From Your Carpets, Upholstery & Home

What Causes Bad Odor in a Home?

Smoke Odor Removal

An odor is a volatilized compound which is perceptible by our sense of smell and sometimes no matter how much we clean, odors creep up over time.

Odor removal becomes a priority when the odors become chronic and intolerable. There are many so things around the home that can cause bad odor, sometimes the culprit is hidden.

The level of cleanliness, the habits of the people living in the house, the presence of pets, food particles that gather in nooks and crannies and improper ventilation all contribute to odors.

Carpets and upholstery absorb odors from pets, spilled food, people and smoke. Bacteria builds in the fibers and over time a smell will develop.

Is There An Effective Solution for Stopping Odor?

Water damage causes odor

Bad odors can originate in the refrigerator when the food stored has gone bad, overpowering smell of tobacco from people smoking in the house, pets urinating on carpets and furniture, wet carpets not properly dried out, piles of unwashed clothes and worn shoes.

Most of the bad odors can be stopped before they develop. For example you can keep your bathroom clean and well maintained, avoid smoking in the house, do the laundry regularly and discard bad food from the refrigerator.

Sometimes preventing spills and pet stains isn’t always realistic. To combat this, cleaning your carpets and upholstery at least once a year will help reduce and eliminate the build up of odors and odor causing bacteria.

What is the Effective Solution for Odor Removal?

Get Mildew Smell Out

If the smell persists a professional carpet cleaning service can be contacted. Once bad odor is pervading the house, you can attack the problem from two sides.

One is to neutralize the existing odor and the other is to attend to the source which is causing the odor. Taking care of the source will depend on the problem.

Carpets need to be dried thoroughly if they become wet and pet, food and drink stains removed immediately with a gentle cleaning solution.

A tough stain may require stronger chemicals and choosing them is the tough part. Using the wrong chemical on your type of carpet or upholstery fabric may lead to permanent marking.

Trust your carpets and upholstery to our trained professionals.

Neutralizing the odor causing bacteria will eliminate the smell. We use a 3-step process to combat the bacteria within the stain, safely and effectively.

This process is safe and pet friendly and will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

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