Cleaning before the Cleaning: What to Do to Prepare for Professional Cleaning Services in Toronto

tips before your cleaners comeIt may seem a bit odd, but there may be certain things that you can and potential should do to prepare your home for a professional cleaning service. Some people have a tendency to go way overboard when they first hire a professional cleaning service, such as vacuuming their entire house, dusting, and doing essentially what they are hiring this company to do.

People do this because they don’t want to be embarrassed about the condition of their home; they want to put forward the best impression for whoever is going to be coming to their home.

This is a bit over the top. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that you can (and potentially should) do in order to prepare your Toronto home for a professional cleaning service.

Make sure it is safe.

Depending on your home, the type of furniture that you have, and other potential issues, there could safety problems that you may need to address before inviting someone into your home.

Look for tripping hazards, slick surfaces, or uneven floor surfaces. Also pay attention to any low hanging objects that could potentially cause an injury to someone trying to work underneath it.

Put away toys and boxes.

If you have children, then you probably have plenty of toys lying around the house. If you do, put them away. Don’t expect a cleaning service to pick these items up; they are there to dust, clean the floors, and make the surfaces clean, not to be your personal maid service.

Make any rooms that you are paying to be cleaned accessible.

If you are planning to have your bedrooms cleaned, or other rooms in your house, make sure that they are unlocked when the cleaning service arrives. Teenagers and other family members may actually lock their doors, not thinking about cleaning services.

If there are certain rooms that you don’t want touched, be sure to inform the professional cleaning company about this before they begin work.

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