Stain & Spot Removal

Get the Toughest Stains & Spots Removed From Your Carpet & Upholstery Safely

What can cause Stains and Spots in Carpets and Upholstery?

In a busy household, stain and spot removal can be a frequent chore. Stains on upholstery can also be caused over time by sweat and grime coming off of our bodies, clothing and shoes. Other contributing factors may be water damage, which encourages mold and fungus growth which in turn will leave stains and spots.Toronto Spot Removal

What are the Different types of Stains and Spots?

The color and the makeup of the stains and spots will directly depend on the type of liquid or material which has caused the stain. The removal process will also be unique to the substance that has caused the stain. The most common types of stains are:

  • Stains which are water soluble in nature like those caused by syrups, jams, candies and water colors.
  • Stains which have a protein base like from substances like milk, egg, vomit and blood.
  • Stains caused by tea, coffee, beer and juices which have a tannin base.
  • Stains which add color like those caused from red wine, and various colored inks.

What are the General Guidelines for Stain and Spot Removal?

Whatever the type of stain, there are certain general guidelines that may help reduce the size or discoloration. They are:

  • Never wipe the area where the stain has occurred, as you are likely to spread the stain.
  • Immediately dab the area with an absorbent cloth or tissue to blot away the excess liquid. In case of a solid substance gently scrape it away. The quicker you attend to a stain, better are your chances of getting rid of it totally.
  • Never use a spot remover that isn’t specifically for your type of materials

When to Call in the Pros for Stain and Spot Removal?

After you have selected you have attended to the stain and have not been able to remove it, it’s time to call in a professional service. Our trained staff can help safely remove worked in spots and stains, saving you the hassle of looking for the right products and doing the manual labor involved. Once in your home, our technicians will carefully work to eliminate spots and stains from carpet or upholstery.

  • The affected area is assessed for the type of stain and spot remover needed
  • The solution is applied in a small, hidden test area and observed for color changes
  • If no discoloration occurs the remover is then applied on the targeted area

Once the stains are removed successfully it is suggested that we apply a stain guard to help protect the surface and make it easier to remove future stains. Stain Shield protection coats the fibers, deterring food, drinks or dirt from binding to them.