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3 Ways Homeowners Benefit from Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning services may not seem all that important to the average homeowner, but they offer plenty of benefits most people overlook. If more homeowners, renters, or apartment dwellers realized just how valuable a carpet cleaning service could be at … Continue reading

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New Carpeting? Great. Keep it Looking Like New

You’ve just purchased brand-new wall-to-wall carpeting throughout your house. It’s in every bedroom, maybe your family room, and perhaps one other room. It looks great. It smells invigorating. Your home feels comfortable once again. You are probably going to go … Continue reading

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Ways You Can Extend the Life of Area Rugs

You have a number of area rugs in your house. You might have one underneath the dining room table. You may have a runner down the hall. You could have a couple of area rugs, maybe even a gorgeous Persian … Continue reading

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What You Think Stays in the Bathroom … May Actually Follow You Out

What is lingering in your bathroom? Most people readily understand there are germs, bacteria, and other foreign contaminants you don’t really want to think about. Most of the time, we just assume those foreign materials are remaining where they are, … Continue reading

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Selling Your Home Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore the Carpets

Your about to put your home on the market. You’ve been getting things packed away, looking for a new house, or perhaps you’ve already purchased one. As you get your home ready for viewing, are you paying attention to the … Continue reading

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A Few Helpful Tips to Get Teens Helping with Cleaning

You have teenagers in your house. Our sympathies go out to you. It can be extremely difficult to deal with teenage angst and attitudes, and trying to get them to help clean and keeping up with the regular cleanliness of … Continue reading

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The Most Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Home Cleanliness Could Cause Carpets to Get Dirty

How clean are your carpets? Maybe you vacuum once a week. All that work and it seems as though they just get dirtier and dirtier. You remember how your carpets looked when they were brand new. It felt great, the … Continue reading

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What Should You Start with When Cleaning Your Home?

Over time your home is going to begin looking a bit haggard, dirty, and worn out. It would be the same if you went through your life, day after day, without taking a shower, without changing your clothes, and without … Continue reading

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The Attachments You Should Add When Buying a New Vacuum

Purchasing a new vacuum cleaner for your house can sometimes be a bit exciting. It’s a new opportunity to try a newer model, something different, and maybe learn mistakes from your previous purchase. A lot of people try to save … Continue reading

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Is Water Enough to Thoroughly Clean Carpets?

It’s a common question that many homeowners have when they are considering hiring a carpet cleaning service. Most homeowners don’t contact a professional carpet cleaning company until they had their carpets for at least a few years and they begin … Continue reading

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