Leather Furniture Cleaning

Important Facts About Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather has a stylish yet timeless appearance making it an ideal material for construction of furniture upholstery on chairs and sofas. Leather furniture is often a prized and costly addition to your home décor and due to its unique nature, requires special care and cleaning techniques. Careful cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining the material and for retaining its elegant looks; it’s recommended that cleaning be done by someone knowledgeable in the field.

Clean Leather SofaCan I Use Household Cleaning Products on My Leather?

Leather is the hide of an animal and much like human skin, tends to dry and crack easily if not properly maintained or cleaned. Cleaning it requires the use of the correct cleaning agents; otherwise you can permanently damage the leather. There is a myth that using “gentle” cleaning wipes such as baby wipes is ok for general spot cleaning. Using these wipes is a sure way to destroy the look of your furniture, as they contain strong alkaline agents which will cause the leather to fade. Cleaners contain oils and waxes containing silicones are other products that tend to destroy the leather finish.

Doesn’t My Leather Furniture Come With a Protective Coating?

Some leather furniture now comes from the factory with a protective finish applied making them easy to clean at first but the coating lasts only a limited time. They can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth, to get back the shine and remove any dirt or oils however will require re-coating over time. Other types of leather commonly used are either nubuck, aniline or suede, and these are generally sold uncoated yet most likely to be affected by moisture.

Will I Have to Clean My Leather Furniture Often?

Most leather furniture cleaning can be kept to a minimum if regularly maintained from the beginning. Before shopping for the correct cleaning agent, you’ll need to first know the exact type of leather your furniture has and research the many cleaning products out there. Having your leather professionally cleaned takes the time and worry out of choosing the right products.

What Does A Professional Cleaning Service Do That I Can’t?

The common misconception with leather is that it is highly durable. Although it may be in comparison to some fabrics, leather furniture is subject to the same wear and tear as any other furniture and due to its tendency to dry out, make it prone to cracking and staining.

Professional leather furniture cleaning services will:

  • Understand  and assess the cleaning and care needs of your particular leather
  • Recommend the best professional cleaning methods based on the assessment
  • Prepare a free estimate based on your leather cleaning requirements
  • Make recommendations on how to deal with special care issues
  • Gently remove stains without damage to the leather
  • Professionally coat your furniture with stain guard products
  • Ensure your 100% happy with the results

Take the hassle and risk out of caring for your beautiful leather pieces. Properly maintained leather furniture will have a much longer life and be enjoyed for years to come. Professionally leather furniture cleaning ensures your leather is well cared for and protected for every day enjoyment.