Oriental & Persian Rug Repair

Extend the Life of Your Rugs and Family Heirlooms With Our Rug Repair Service

Rug Repair

It can be heartbreaking to find your beautiful rug damaged but tears and frays are inevitable as normal, everyday use can leave the rug vulnerable to damage. Any fabric in a high traffic area is prone to becoming damaged due to spills, moisture or in any household with pets and children. Thankfully you won’t have to part with your possession just yet as rug repair can restore it to a nearly new state.

What Can Your Service Do For Me?

For many rugs the main repairs will be fringing, removing stains and spot dying. The fringe of the carpet is best redone by hand stitching and this will give a new look to the carpet. Our rug repair technicians will asses the damage and suggest cleaning before starting any repairs. We will then suggest how we can best restore your rugs, remove stains, fix tears or other damage caused by everyday use. In order to get the best result from our rug repair service, it’s recommended you have the rug assessed at the first signs of damage or any flaws due to regular wear and tear. We are specialized in repairing all types of rips and tears whether they be at the ends, sides and even in the middle of the rug.

Do You Know How to Handle Persian or Oriental Rugs?

We have worked extensively with Persian and Oriental rugs to bring them almost back to their former elegance and glory. They tend to be susceptible to separation of the original serging around the edges and general wear of the fringes that decorate the borders. It’s advised not to leave damaged fringing unattended for too long as it creates further problems. Our expert weaver will re-wrap the sides by hand or with a machine after any necessary weaving. We also offer re-fringing of Oriental and Persian rugs, matching as closely as possible to its original fringe.

Do You Restore Antique Rugs?

Although antique rugs can be repaired to quite an extent by our professional craftsmen, the level of restoration will depend on the extent of damage. You also need to consider, to what extent you want to retain its original look as restoration as the procedure may involve different type of threads. We do our best to achieve the exact color tone if possible. Feel free to see us in advance for an opinion on restoration of heavily damaged antiques. We will advise you on the level of restoration possible and the chances of preserving the originality.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

We provide:

  • Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Furniture Clearing
  • Spot & Odor Removal
  • Persian & Oriental Rug Repair
  • Rug Cleaning
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