Why Your Carpets Get Dirty No Matter What You Do

Stain RemovalFew things are more frustrating for the homeowner than to notice your carpets getting dirty so quickly after you shampoo them. The main reason for this is that the carpet is not being cleaned properly and only appears clean because of the reflection of excess soap left behind. In fact, very little of the soil was ever removed. The sticky soap residue that is left behind then attracts soil at a fast rate.

Most people who are inexperienced about how to clean a carpet the correct way tend to use cleaning solutions that are high in alkaline, which means they are very soapy. Using too much soap or the wrong kind of soap can cause more problems.

Yes, you need a solution to clean the carpet and leave it smelling good but you need the right solution. When the wrong solution is used, it doesn’t get all dirt removed from the carpet. You carpet could then become a magnet for dust, soil, pet hair, and other debris. Sometimes you will even notice that the carpet feels a bit sticky. In a few days, you will start to notice new stains appearing on the carpet.

Whether it is cleaning a stain by hand or having a professional clean your carpet, be careful how much soap is used. Too much soap causes more stains and shortens the life of the carpet.

Many inexperienced carpet cleaners over-wet the carpet or don’t dry it properly. When water starts to soak into the bottom of the carpet, this is over-wetting. This can cause the carpet to discolor or shrink. If the backing and pad get wet, there is a greater chance for mold and mildew problems.

Furniture can cause stains when left in contact with a wet carpet. Many types of wood furniture release dyes when touching a wet carpet. Furniture with metal or partially metal feet can rust, leaving a stain on the carpet.

To achieve a good carpet cleaning, resist rapid re-soiling by using the right amount of the right soap and do not over-saturate the carpet with water. You can also call on the experienced professionals at Royal Interior Cleaning.

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