Carpet Cleaning during the Summer: A Worthwhile Investment

carpet cleaning torontoAsk any Toronto homeowner how often he or she cleans their carpeting and you’ll probably hear every week or every other week. This refers to vacuuming. Yet vacuuming can only do so much to clean carpeting.

When you pass a vacuum cleaner over carpeting, no matter how powerful that machine is, it’s not going to get all of the dirt that it embedded into the carpet fibers. Even lightweight dirt that is toward the top of the pile could get caught in the fibers and remain until the next cleaning.

Then, every time somebody steps on the carpeting, they push that dirt down deeper, making it even more difficult to clean. Repeat the process (and the problems) the next week, with even more dirt and dust and grime being left behind and before long the carpet loses its luster, no longer looks like new, and you may even begin to notice an odor creeping into your home.

Summertime is when many homeowners throughout Ontario keep their windows open, as long as it’s not too hot. We get some wonderful fresh air wafting through our home and don’t notice the staleness of certain rooms.

For those houses that have wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedrooms and even in other rooms, keeping them clean is a challenge, especially when there are several people living in the house.

A professional carpet cleaning company can come in and deep clean every carpeting in your house, including area rugs, to remove most of the dirt and debris that gets embedded deep in the fibers. This will help to preserve the integrity of the carpeting and keep the rooms from acquiring a stale odor.

More foot traffic tends to go inside and outside the home throughout the summer months, and this means more dirt being tracked in. You should consider having your carpets professional cleaned at least twice a year, but even if you have them done once a year, summertime is a good time to have it done. You can keep the windows open and that will help them dry faster, too, allowing you to get back to fully enjoying the comfort of your home.

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