3 Common Mistakes Made when Caring for Leather Furniture

spot-cleaningThe moment you have your brand new leather couch delivered and you drop down into it, you feel the warmth and welcoming embrace envelope you. The smell fills your living room and the entire atmosphere changes.

Over time, the texture changes, the odor fades, and you have another piece of furniture to tend to. If something is spilled on it or just due to the natural course of time, you have to clean it.

You will likely have received a list of instructions for proper care of that leather chair or couch, and in the beginning you do well to keep up with it, but cleaning can still be an issue. Avoid the following common mistakes.

1. Using household cleaners.

If you think that the household cleaner that you rely on for your wood furniture is going to be good for your leather furniture, then you’re in for a big wake up call.

Leather is an acidic material that absorbs moisture. If you use a furniture polish or cleanser, this will likely cause staining and other damage, forever altering the look and even the feel of your furniture.

2. Relying on saddle soap.

Soap has a specific pH balance and as noted, leather is acidic and the two won’t likely mix well. This can cause the leather to crack and discolor. Avoid saddle soap. Just because it is used on a horse saddle, that doesn’t mean it’s meant for your indoor leather couch.

3. Using only water.

Water is one of the cheapest cleansers you can find. However, even though your leather couch absorbs moisture, then dries out when it doesn’t have enough, water isn’t going to do anything to clean it. You’ll only drive the dirt or stain deeper.

If you want to protect your leather furniture, call on the services of a professional cleaning company. Experience matters when it comes to your fine leather furniture.

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