Is Scotchgard Effective?

Stain RemovalAt Royal Interior Cleaners customers often ask us if Scotchgard treatment really works and if it’s worth the money. Simply put, the answer to both is yes. Here’s why:

First let’s talk about how Scotchgard works. The name is a brand; it is actually part of a group called fluorochemicals of which Scotchgard is the most well-known. By reducing surface tension they make fabrics less absorbent. When applied either at the mill or after a cleaning they coat the fibers, providing them with a form of non-stick surface. Dirt, water, and even oil do not stick to the fabric, allowing it to be removed more easily.

Scotchgard isn’t magical; it will not make your carpet invincible once applied. There are some companies out there that would have you believe that your carpets cannot be stained if Scotchgard is added. This is simply not true; it has limitations. If a red liquid is spilled on treated carpet and left it will stain. Scotchgard gives you more time and a better opportunity to clean up, but it still needs to be done well and in a timely manner. Another key factor is regular vacuuming. Scotchgard has the same effect on dry dirt as it does on wet. If you’re not vacuuming your carpets regularly, the dirt and debris will build up and begin to sink in beyond Scotchgard’s ability to keep it out.

Ultimately the question is, “Is it worth the money?” Even if your carpets have a built in stain resistor, Scotchgard will help keep them cleaner. There is no doubt that the treatment put on at the factory is superior. It is done under controlled conditions and on new, never touched, material. But over the course of a year, your carpet goes through a lot: kids, pets, parties, spills, accidents, constant high traffic areas, cleaning, etc. Each of these has an effect on the carpet and on its protection. But, after a deep cleaning, you can restore this protection with Scotchgard.

For a limited time, Royal Carpet Cleaning is offering up to $200 worth of Scotchgard protection for free plus 20% off any cleaning. We service the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities like Mississauga, Pickering, Ajax, and Vaughn. Call us today for a free estimate.

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