Protect Your Carpets From Winter Weather

Carpet WarrantiesKeeping your carpets clean during the winter months is challenging at best. After dealing with hazardous driving conditions and slippery walkways worrying once you get inside often isn’t a major priority. It’s easy to forget or let slide simple matters like protecting carpets. Make protecting your carpets from the slush and mud of the wintertime a priority and they’ll look better and be healthier come spring.

It is very important to keep moisture off your carpets all year round. Winter weather makes it difficult because it is wet and slushy outside so mud and snow are easily tracked in. If you’re protecting the carpets in your home the simplest solution is to have everyone remove their shoes as soon as they come inside. Although doable, this is not a practical idea for everyone. You might be able to make your family adhere to the rule but it can be awkward when guests visit.

Another approach is to cover your carpets, at least the high traffic areas. This can protect them very well but the problem is that it is not very attractive. Most people would rather deal with dirt and clean up rather than look at plastic covering their floors for four to five months each year. If you do cover them, choose a material that is difficult to tear and which does not leak. If water and dirt get under your cover it could do more damage than direct contact.

Generally the best option is to use mats everywhere slush and dirt enter your home. Using one outside and inside each door is optimal and extending them as far into your home as you can stand is a good idea as well. You can also use older rugs to help protect high traffic areas, as they will be more attractive than most floor mats.

A few other tips: before you come inside remove as much snow and slush from your boots, shoes, & pants as you can. Wipe any mud and ice off on the outdoor mat and remove your boots or shoes before walking further into your home. The less snow or mud you bring in with you, the less chance you will have of it bypassing your carpet covering and getting on your carpet.

Once the winter weather clears up give us a call. We’ll clean your carpets so they look perfect as you open up for the lovely spring weather.

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