Proper Persian Rug Care

oriental-rugWith the right care, Persian rugs can last for hundreds of years and increase in value overtime. These rugs are crafted with care to withstand the wear and tear of daily use but that doesn’t mean you can avoid taking care of them. A few simple things will help prolong the life and maintain the beauty of your Persian and Oriental rugs.

When you bring your rug home it is important that you remove the packaging right away and unroll the rug. Weigh the corners down with something heavy and flat – the more surface area, the better. Avoid anything with a narrow or patterned bottom because it may leave indentations in the rug that you will have to work out of the fabric later on.

Some rugs may emit an odor when they are unrolled; this is due to the material and dyes used. If this occurs, move the rug to a ventilated area until the odor is gone then move the rug to its permanent location. Once it is placed down, be sure to use furniture coasters for anything you put on top of it to distribute the weight as evenly as possible and avoid damaging the rug.

Using padding under your rug can increase its longevity. The padding allows the rug to breath and also helps absorb moisture. Padding is not a necessity so if you don’t like the way it looks you do not have to use it. If you decide to use rubber padding, be sure to replace it regularly because as the rubber ages it can stick to the bottom of the rug and damage it.

You should moderate the natural light hitting the rug. Sunlight can accentuate the dyes in your rug, making it look radiant in full sun but you should not keep it in full sun on a daily basis, as it will begin to fade. Regulate the light so that it hits your rug for no more than a few hours every day to extend its life.

Just like you clean and vacuum your carpets, you must do the same for your Persian rug. Even if it is in a low traffic area, dirt and dust will accumulate. Use a plain attachment with no brush or rotation device for best results. You can also use a broom and sweep the rug in the direction of its pile (be sure that you know the proper direction and if you aren’t sure, ask a professional).

If a spill occurs clean it up right away by blotting the area. This will stop the liquid from settling in. Then, blot again with a rag soaked in water. Simple soap and water can also help remove the offending liquid, but remember to remove all traces of the soap used so that a film does not remain and damage the rug. Absorb water with dry rags or paper towels until thoroughly dry.

If you find your rug is tearing, fading, or fraying it’s best to call a professional for rug repair rather than attempting to fix it yourself. Royal Interior Cleaning offers expert repair services. Our professionals have extensive experience and repairs are completed in harmony with the product’s overall craftsmanship.

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