Why Indoor Air Quality Declines during Winter in Toronto

airqualityWe hear a lot about air quality throughout the year. Government agencies and non-profit groups throughout Canada have been constantly pushing to help improve air quality throughout Toronto, Ontario, and all of Canada. It’s also an important topic to discuss with regard to indoor environments.

Most people will spend the majority of their lives at or around their home. Whether it’s an apartment, house, condo, or some other living situation, the air quality in those environments can directly affect your health and that of anyone in your family.

During the winter months, indoor air quality is a bit different than during summer. That’s because we generally keep our doors and windows closed and sealed tight against the cold air outside. Whenever you keep them closed, you’re preventing fresh air from moving throughout the building.

In warmer seasons, when the windows are open, fresh air is moving into the home. It’s circulating air and helping to move bacteria, allergens, and other particles through and out of the house. That doesn’t happen during the winter.

In fact, those allergens and bacteria have plenty of time to settle down and sink into carpeting and furniture upholstery. Every time you walk over those rugs and carpets or sit down on a piece of furniture, you could be kicking up those allergens. This creates a lower air quality situation.

Keeping the carpets and upholstery clean (as clean as possible) is one of the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality all year long, and in order to do that most effectively, a professional carpet cleaning company should be called in. With the powerful machines they have, they can get down deep into the carpet pile and the upholstery and remove most of the dirt, bacteria, and allergens that get trapped in there. Vacuuming leaves behind a high quantity of those pollutants, so a professional cleaning is the right complement to regular vacuuming, not just during the winter, but all year round.

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