Old, Worn Out Area Rugs: Replace or Professionally Clean?

area -rugWhen you first purchased that area rug in the dining room, it has a particular appearance to it, a color combination perhaps, that just appealed to you. You placed it down there and enjoyed how it looked. When the dining table was situated over it, with the complement of chairs, you couldn’t be happier.

Now, many years later, the rug looks old, dirty, and worn out. There are parts of it that are faded more than others and you’re thinking it’s time to get rid of it, find a new one, bit the bullet and just purchase it.

The reason you might be hesitant to do this is the expense of a high quality area rug. You’ve shopped around and found a number of discount dealers that sell low quality area rugs for only a couple hundred dollars, but they look the part (they don’t look high quality at all). You know a new quality area rug is going to cost you closer to a thousand dollars or more.

Which leads you to think about having your current one professionally cleaned.

As you move the table and chairs away and get down on your hands and knees, you wonder if the faded appearance is due to the sunlight or if there is something else that’s causing it.

What you’re seeing with that area rug may very well be fading due to direct sunlight, but if you have had a large table and chairs over it for all these years, odds are it’s dirt that has become embedded in the fabric of the rug.

As a result, a professionally cleaning service could certainly get that dirt and other particles out of the rug and bring it back to almost like new condition. There are no miracles, of course, and you’re never going to be able to return your carpets or rugs to ‘new’ condition, but with the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and experience, a professional cleaning company like Royal Interior Cleaning could help preserve your area rugs and bring back the luster that caught your attention in the first place.

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