To Tip or Not to Tip, that is the Question (When it Comes to Professional Cleaning Services)

to tip or not to tipYou’ve hired a professional cleaning service to come to your home and thoroughly clean all the carpeting and some of the floor surfaces throughout. You may even have them clean blinds, draperies, or upholstery.

While you are waiting for them to arrive, you realize you don’t have any cash on hand for a tip. You assume that because these professionals are coming to your home and providing this invaluable service to you that they deserve a tip.

While it is certainly dependent on each independent homeowner whether or not they want to tip, the question about whether it is proper or even necessary is a common one among homeowners.

A matter of personal preference.

Most professional cleaning services will be paying their employees a fair wage. It is not like going to a restaurant or diner where the wait staff are working primarily for tips. However, a homeowner may be incredibly grateful for the quality work that is done, impressed by how professional the workers are, or something else and want to show their gratitude.

Tipping these workers is not necessary, but if the homeowner believes that this is something they want to do, they should certainly contact the owner or manager to discuss it with them directly.

Each company will have differing policies with regard to tips. Some may have no problem with their employees receiving tips while others discourage this act of generosity.

If you are in that position where you have hired a professional cleaning service to come to your home and are trying to determine whether it’s appropriate or necessary to tip, the best advice is to contact the company directly, even if the workers are already at your house beginning the job. They should be able to tell you one way or another whether tips are accepted or not. In most cases, they are certainly not a requirement.

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