Chemicals Matter when it comes to Carpeting Cleaning

eco-friendlyThe type of chemicals that are used within your home or business matter. For many years, homeowners and business owners were concerned with the ability to get carpets cleaned and they didn’t think much about the chemicals that were used to get that level of clean.

Today, though, we are more in tune with the impact that harsh or harmful chemicals can have, not only on our health within our homes and businesses, but also on the environment.

Focus on the Type of Chemicals that are Used

When you’re looking to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, ask them about the chemicals that they will be using for your carpets. Different carpeting will require various cleaning methods and the type of use, or abuse, that those carpets receive, and the stains that could be set in over time, might require different chemicals.

Make sure that the carpet cleaning company uses only environmentally safe chemicals. While there are restrictions on the type of chemicals that can be used in certain businesses and homes, even if something is technically legal, it might not be safe for the environment.

You should also check to find out if the chemicals that a particular company uses will be safe for you and your family. If you are told to avoid spending time in the room for 24 hours or more after the professional cleaning, then those chemicals could be too harsh.

Demand Safe Chemicals are Used

You are the customer and you have every right to demand that only safe chemicals are used to clean the floors in your home or building. If the company isn’t willing to change their cleaning method, you can ask them why or search for another company.

Will the Chemicals Matter when it comes to Cleaning?

One of the common concerns that people have about chemicals is that they believe the harsher the chemicals, the better the clean. Getting carpets cleaned is about the combination of technique, having the right equipment, and using the right supplies.

Harsher chemicals, stronger chemicals, don’t necessarily equal better results. When you hire an experience carpet cleaning company, you will end up with carpets that are safe, healthy, and clean.

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