5 Awesome Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaningWhen cleaning your carpets, you probably do the basics: vacuum. Maybe you tell people to remove their shoes whenever they come into your home and never to eat food in the rooms with carpeting, but even doing all of that will not ensure that you end up with wonderfully clean carpeting.

Below are 5 carpet cleaning tips that will help you keep them looking great and in the best condition possible for many years to come.

1. Dust. That’s right, you need to dust your home on a regular basis. If you don’t dust the furniture, window sills, and even any ceiling fans regularly, that dust is going to move from those object and then settle onto your carpeting.

Make dusting a habitual part of your cleaning regimen.

2. Vacuum regularly. Even though your carpeting looks clean this week, that doesn’t mean it truly is. You should get into the habit of vacuuming the carpets in your home at least once a week.

If your carpets see more use than average, then vacuum more frequently. However, vacuuming alone isn’t going to keep them clean forever.

3. Check any cleaning chemicals first. There are many different types of cleaning chemicals and you should always get into the habit of checking them first on the surface you plan to use them on. Check them on an out of the way place so that if the chemicals cause any damage, you won’t ever notice it.

4. Clean your windows every week. Even though you may not think your windows need it, the glass and frames can attract a lot of dust and dirt. Get into the habit of cleaning them on a consistent and regular basis.

5. Use clean towels or sponges when you clean. If you use an old sponge to clean, you’re just spreading bacteria around. Always begin to clean with new towels, paper towels, or a brand new sponge. Once you’re done cleaning the house, throw out the sponge, unless you want that bacteria to be spread all over the rest of your house the next time you clean.

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