Why Use a Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service?

Professional carpet cleaning

You Will Love The Professional Difference

If you spent the money decorating your home with beautiful carpets and upholstery, then you know the importance of keeping them clean. While vacuuming is part of your normal cleaning cycle, there comes a time that the help of a professional carpet cleaning company will be required. Vacuuming, while good, cannot pick up all of the dust and allergens that embed themselves in your carpet and upholstery. In reality, you need high grade professional cleaning equipment at least once a year to really get the job done.

Why Do I Need Professional Cleaning?

While professional cleaning does not have to be done every week like other cleaning services, it is important to make sure that your carpet and upholstery is professionally cleaned at least once per year. Over time dust and allergens will build up in you upholstery. This settles into the upholstery naturally – no matter how much you clean you cannot get all of it. After it begins builds up it gets harder to using regular cleaning products to keep your furnishings looking new. For that reason, you need to hire a professional to come in and use heavy duty products to get the upholstery and carpet truly clean once again.

How Often Do I Need a Professional Cleaning Service?

The longer you go between professional cleans, the more embedded the allergens and dirt become. You will start to notice the rug or carpet looking dull if it is brightly colored or looking dingy – this is the case with white carpeting especially. That’s why we recommend at least a yearly cleaning. Keeping your furnishings and floors looking new will help them last longer and will also help keep the value of your home.

You should be doing your part to clean the house and all of the carpet and upholstery that is inside of it, however when the time comes, do not hesitate to contact Royal Interior Cleaning. We are a Toronto based cleaning company dedicated to happy customers.

A professional will be sent out to your house to take a look at your situation and decide the best products to be used to give it a proper clean. Using the wrong product can actually damage the carpet and upholstery, so it is important to use a qualified professional. Once the cleaning is completed, you will have the satisfaction of not only seeing how beautiful your your carpet and upholstery is but also knowing it is clean and free of dust and allergens.

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