Vacuuming Your Persian Rug Can Cause Damage

oriental rugThere are many things that go into proper care when you have a Persian rug. These hand crafted rugs can add a great deal of class and style to any room in your home, and as long as you do the right things to protect it, such as rotating it when it is subjected to direct sunlight and altering the flow of traffic on it in order to create more even wear, then it’s going to continue to look great for a longer period of time.

While you certainly do need to vacuum your Persian rug on a regular basis, depending on the condition of the rug, and its age, you could actually cause more damage to it that you might expect.

The beater bar can grab loose strands.

Over time, your Persian rug will begin to break down. One of the most common issues that people have with Persian rugs is the fringe. You need to be especially careful when you vacuum Persian rugs so that your vacuum does not grab pieces of the fringe. If it does, then this could cause fraying and other problems that will continue to grow more severe over time.

Loose strands are also common with older Persian rugs. When you have the beater bar on your vacuum, these loose strands can get drawn into it and wrap around the beater bar. This can pull on the strand, unraveling it from the Persian rug.

Best vacuuming practices for Persian rugs.

If you have a new Persian rug and there are no loose strands, you can feel confident in using the beater bar to get the deepest possible clean. However, if you are unsure about whether there are loose strands, don’t use the beater bar. Turn it off and vacuum the rug as you would a hardwood floor.

If you have any questions about the proper care of your Persian rug, regardless of the age of that rug, you can contact the company where you purchased the rug or Royal Interior Cleaning. We have a wealth of experience caring for the finest Persian rugs in the world.

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