Spot Testing for Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

spot-cleaningNo matter how new or old the carpets are in your home, at some point there is going to be a spill or some sort of accident. You want to remove the stain as soon as possible, but if it has set in then you are going to need to rely on a cleaning chemical of some sort.

Before you rush out, grab the first cleaning chemical you can find, and then run home to apply it to the stained carpet, it is a good idea to test the chemical on a section of carpeting that is out of view.

The potential for damage exists with any cleaning chemical.

Even if the cleaning chemical that you choose states that it is safe for carpeting or that it does not stain, this is not always the case. There are many factors that can cause a chemical to interact with carpeting and cause fading or other staining issues. That is why it is crucial that you spot test this cleaning chemical on an inconspicuous part of the carpeting.

For best results, you may want to move a large piece of furniture away from the wall in order to conduct your spot test. If there is a section of carpeting that you can reach, but that is not visible to the main part of the room, this could suffice.

Follow the directions on the chemical cleaning label and dilute with water if it is called for. Take a small amount of the cleaning solution and apply it to an inconspicuous spot on the carpeting. Wait the recommended time before removing the cleaning solution. You may be required to vacuum or blot with a dry towel or paper towel to remove the cleaning solution.

Using a reliable light source, such as a flashlight, check the portion of carpeting that you’ve done the spot test on. If you notice that it is fated or that the section of carpeting you tested appears different than the rest of the carpeting around it, then this is a sign that the cleaning solution will affect your carpet.

Do not use this cleaning chemical to remove the stain on the open part of your carpet. You can either try a different cleaning solution or contact a professional carpet cleaning company who can come in and remove the stain without causing any of the damage to your carpeting.

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