The Right Tools for Cleaning Your Carpet

carpet cleaning torontoHaving the right tools for any job will not only make it more efficient, but the results will generally be much better. For carpet cleaning, the right tools will refer to the equipment as well as the attachments.

The first and foremost tool for cleaning any carpet is the vacuum. This is also one of the most common cleaning machines that homeowners and business owners have, whether they have carpeting, a couple of rugs, or even bare floors.

Many homeowners believe that just vacuuming their carpets is enough to keep them thoroughly clean. That’s a common misconception.

The truth is that vacuuming will only collect a certain amount of dirt and other debris that gets into the pile. The stronger the vacuum, the more suction power it will have, but even the toughest, strongest machines will only have a limited impact on getting up the dirt.

That’s because dirt gets caught in the fibers of the carpeting, and they remain there and begin to slip deeper into the pile.

Vacuuming also pushes some dirt away from the rollers and this can force it to the corners of the room, under furniture, and other hard to reach areas. For this, you should have a long wand with a narrow end. The narrower the end, or opening, the more powerful the suction will be.

When you vacuum, you will also be kicking a lot of dust, hair, and allergens into the air. After some time, these particles will settle onto the floor again as well as the furniture. This is when you would use an upholstery brush or attachment. This usually consists of an angled attached with soft brushes that allow you to brush it against the fabric, pulling any dirt, dust, or other debris out of the fibers to be sucked into the tube.

If you have carpeted stairs, it’s a good idea to have an attachment that uses a roller, like the main part of the vacuum, but that you can hold so that you can clean those stairs safely.

Finally, in order to keep your carpeting as clean as possible, you should consider having them professionally cleaned at least once per year, though twice a year would ensure that they last longer and look great all year long.

With the right carpet cleaning tools and the best service, you will be able to enjoy clean, healthy carpets and floors all year long.

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