Repair Pet Damaged Carpeting

pet-dog-cat-urine-on-carpetCarpeting and rugs are essential parts of most Canadian homes. They are beautiful and functional and provide us with warmth and sound dampening that wood flooring cannot. Our pets are also fond of carpets but unfortunately they are not as particular about them as we are, and can easily destroy them.
Dogs, especially puppies, can chew through a lot of carpet in just a matter of minutes, especially if they are anxious, nervous, or bored. Cats will claw themselves into a frenzy as they attack the carpet if they don’t have a scratching post. You could choose to replace the carpet but that can cost an arm and leg. If you are the unfortunate owner of pet damaged carpeting, call Royal Interior Cleaning to patch up your carpet expertly.

Many homeowners also have trouble with pets urinating on their carpeting. Sometimes it’s a territorial thing; sometimes it’s a simple accident – either way it can cause severe damage. Cat urine leaves behind a particularly stubborn odor and you will not be able to ignore it as long as the soiled patch of carpet remains in your house.

No matter which animal urinates on the carpet, you can be sure that you have a lot of work on your hands. Urine might also soil the flooring directly beneath the carpet. However, we are also able to clean the floor using special products that ensure that the smell does not return.

If the damage is too severe for cleaning you can try to patch the carpet. Patching isn’t simply adding a new piece to your existing carpet; if you don’t know what you’re doing, the patch could be glued or aligned wrongly with the rest of the carpet.

A good carpet patching procedure will leave a result that blends well with the existing carpet. You can check out our guide to carpet repair {insert link to previous blog post} so you get the job done right. If you have a scrap of carpet leftover from the original carpeting job, we can use it to patch your pet damaged carpet. If not, we can use a patch from underneath the furniture to create a perfect patching job. If you want your carpet to be handled by skilled professionals, give us a call.

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