Reasons Removing Your Shoes May Not Protect Your Carpets

carpet-cleaning-shoes off“Take your shoes off when you go in the house.”

This is an age old statement that many homeowners throughout Toronto, and around the world, have been saying for years. The idea behind it is that most people will track in dirt, pebbles, and even mud and other debris from outside and into the house.

If those shoes are not removed right away, all of that dirt and grime will get tracked all over the house, especially over the carpeting.

Yet, did you know that just because you make sure that people take their shoes off and don’t set foot on your carpeting, it’s not going to mean your carpets remain in like-new condition?

The truth is that there are many reasons why your carpets will get dirty and worn out over time. Perhaps the most significant reason is that 80 percent of the dust that floats around in your home, and ends up settling on your carpets, is dead skin cells. As long as there are people living and breathing in your home, there are always going to be dust problems.

Over time, that dust will settle deeper into the carpet pile and no amount of vacuuming is going to clean it out of there. Eventually, it’s going to lead to staining and other problems that only a professional carpet cleaning is going to resolve.

Another issue that you should consider is that when people walk on floors in bare feet, the oils from their skin will get onto the carpeting and this will cause them to become discolored and wear down over time.

Even wearing socks isn’t going to protect the carpeting in your home. Sure, having people remove their shoes will keep splotches of dirt and mud from getting onto the carpet, but it is still important to have them professionally cleaned on a consistent basis.

After all, you’re making people take their shoes off for a reason … to protect your carpets. If they are that important to you, then they deserve to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Twice a year is even better.

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