Protecting Your Leather Furniture

Leather CouchYour leather furniture was a significant investment and can last a lifetime, with the proper care. Keeping it looking good for as long as you own it is much easier when you use a professional leather cleaner with regular care.

You can try using regular cleaners and homemade solutions but professional cleaners have specialized knowledge, experience, equipment, and products that are ideal for leather. Rather than taking a chance on ruining the leather trying to get a stain out yourself, call Royal Interior Cleaning and we’ll give you a free quote and ease your concerns.

We will deep treat your leather so it stays soft and pliable; this is called conditioning. Any leather that is not treated regularly will harden – this makes it easier to scrape and crack, and once that happens there is little you can do to save it. It might be possible to repair but doing the preventative maintenance is cheaper and easier in the long run.

Leather naturally ages, as most materials do. However, there is a special character about a well maintained old leather couch or chair. Looking slightly worn suits many leather pieces, but you want to make sure it stays soft and pliable. Leather and suede requires cleaning and reconditioning regularly.

Your leather furniture only needs to be professionally cleaned once a year unless it is exposed to a lot of dirt or sweat or spills that are not cleaned up right away. Once a year should be enough to keep it looking natural and healthy.

You can do routine maintenance that will help keep it looking great between professional visits as well. Take a soft, moist cloth rubbed with a small amount of mild detergent and wipe down the smooth leather. Let it air dry, it’s best if there is airflow so using a fan will help. Avoid setting your leather furniture in overly hot rooms or in direct sunlight, if possible. These conditions will dry it out, which can cause cracking.

Brush your suede furniture with a terry cloth towel or suede brush once a week. This will remove dirt while also raising the nap. It’s kind of like fluffing a pillow; the suede will remain plush with this level of attention. If you get a stain on the suede furniture, try using a pencil eraser or even very fine sand paper (180 grit). Be careful. Don’t over treat it. A professional leather and suede cleaner can do wonders.

If you get water spots on suede, first let it air dry completely without direct heat, and then rub it with a terry cloth or suede brush. Leather furniture looks and feels wonderful, and caring for it can bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. It’s a small investment for the life of your luxury furniture.

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