Proper Care of Persian Rugs

oriental-rugWe have many clients that ask us how to prevent their Persian rugs from damage and wear and tear. With Persian rugs (especially those in high traffic areas) there is no way to prevent wear and tear. They are made of fine materials that will degrade over time, no matter how well they are taken care of. But with proper care you can stave off the effects of wear and tear and prevent major and potentially permanent damage.

Cleaning these rugs is a delicate task. We do not recommend using any type of chemical on your rug. Rug cleaning involves careful selection of cleaning solutions and procedures that are compatible with the rug material. Without expert knowledge of cleaning chemicals and procedures, this process should be left to a professional rug cleaner. Below are ways you can prevent damage to your rug and extend the time needed between professional cleanings.

First, place your rug in an area away of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will fade the areas of your rug where it hits. If your rug is antique or made with natural dyes, this damage can happen very quickly. If the sun is unavoidable, rotate your rug frequently (at least once per month), this way it will fade evenly. You should rotate your rug at least four times a year even if it is out of the sun to make sure wear is even. A simple way to remember this is to rotate it with every seasonal change.

Second, manually straighten the fringe. Do not use a brush or comb to do this, as it can damage the fibers. Instead, hold one end of the rug and walk it to the other end. This will flip your rug upside down and the fringe will straighten out. You can gently shake the rug to help if any of the fringe gets stuck.

Vacuum your rug regularly to keep it clean. It is best to turn off the beater bar on your vacuum when vacuuming these rugs. The beater can grab loose fibers and create a run or tear. If your rug is already damaged, do not use a vacuum; use a soft bristled broom or hand sweeper to gently remove surface dust and debris.

Lastly, clean all spills immediately. Do not use soap, bleach, or any other chemicals on your rug. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to absorb the spill. Gently press the cloth into the rug, working from the edge of the spill to the center – this will prevent the spill from spreading. Then turn the rug over and blot anything that has seeped through; leaving this unattended can damage the backing. Use only water to clean the spill – if it stains, call a professional to have it cleaned.

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