Why Proper Care is Essential for Authentic Persian Rugs

oriental rugPersian rugs are elegant and many people consider them to be works of art. There are certainly a number of imitation Persian rugs that you can find throughout Toronto, but when you have an authentic one, it requires the right level of care.

You do not treat a Persian rug the same way that you would any other type of rug and certainly not like a carpet. The delicate nature of the threading and fringe can be easily damaged by improper cleaning and care techniques. It is important to use care when cleaning a Persian rug and there are certain things that you should consider doing to help ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Some Persian rugs can last for over 100 years, even when used on the floor. Others can hang on the wall as a work of art and last even longer than that.

Begin with basic care.

When you use your Persian rug, make sure that you rotate it regularly. If you walk on the same portion of the rug all the time, a wear depression or ‘line’ will form in it. This part of the rug will become dirtier and fade more than the rest. Rotating it will ensure that it receives the same level of wear across the surface.

When vacuuming, use the beater bar and set it to the proper height. Most Persian rugs are low and the brush should gently roll across the surface. If you use a hardwood floor setting on your vacuum, the brush will be pushing too hard against it.

Around the fringe, avoid vacuuming. You can sweep with a soft broom any dirt and debris from the edges near the fringe.

Finally, check the fringe and untangle any parts that you notice are tangled.

When you want your Persian rugs to last the longest amount of time possible, have them professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. These can be sent out to be cleaned or you can have a professional cleaning company come to your home and have the work done on the spot.

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