Preparing Your House for Sale, Part 2

Clean HomeIn the first part of this article series, we went through the steps necessary for cleaning your entryway, kitchen, and common living areas. In part 2, we will go through the rest of your house and include a comprehensive checklist at the end.

Your bathrooms need to be spotless. A dirty toilet is enough to turn many prospective buyers away.

Wipe down every visible surface. Don’t forget to clean behind the toilet and under the sink. Take the time to wipe down pipes and fittings. If any bolt covers have gone missing, replace them.

Thoroughly clean the counters and any furniture or cabinets you have in the bathroom. Clean the mirrors so they have no spatters or streaks. Declutter the countertops, keep only what is necessary.

Wash your shower curtain, bath mats, and any window treatments. Clean your grout, get it as white as possible; if it’s cracked, broken, or beyond cleaning, regrouting is worth the time.

Keep a hamper for dirty clothes and towels; do not leave them on the floor. Hide prescriptions – medicine theft has been on the rise for years; don’t be a victim.

Keep clean sheets and bedspreads on all beds and straighten them every day. Wash or clean all window treatments. Clean and polish all furniture. Clean out your closets. If you have children, be sure all toys are put away before buyers enter your home.

Thoroughly clean the walls, baseboards, and hanging art in your hallways. Get all cobwebs and dust out of the corners. Clean ceiling vents.

Declutter and clean the attic, garage, and basement. Sweep the floors and wipe down all the walls. Debris has a tendency to collect in all these areas, so be sure to get into all of the corners.

If there are signs of insects or pests, clean them up and invest in traps or deterrents to keep them away. Organize shelves, racks, and storage trunks. If there are stains (especially in the garage) wash them off or paint over them if possible.

Clean your garage doors – the front, the inside, and the tracks.

Whole Home List:

If you keep plants, make sure they are healthy and cobweb free. Get rid of unhealthy plants.
Wipe down all baseboards, molding, and trim. Repaint if necessary.
Clean all windows – inside and out. You want as much natural light as possible to flow into your home.

Dust all light fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs.

Dust all ceiling fans. These fixtures collect a huge amount of dust; clean them so they look new.
Clean and wax all hardwood flooring.

Clean all cabinet hardware.
Clean your television sets including the wires. Do the same for any computers in your home.

If you have pet cages, store them out of sight if possible. At the very least, place them in a corner.v
Empty all garbage cans before each showing.
Get all carpeting professionally cleaned. Do the same with area rugs and curtains.

Royal Interior Cleaning will make your carpets look nearly new. This is an important step in preparing to sell your home. We understand the importance and will work around your schedule to help get your home looking beautiful and irresistible to prospective buyers.

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