Pet Stains & Upholstery

pet-dog-cat-urine-on-carpetPets are special. Many people consider their pet to be a part of the family. After a few weeks of training, you generally won’t need to worry about your pet relieving itself in inappropriate places, but accidents can happen from time to time.

Before attempting to clean up a pet mess on your upholstery, you need to make sure you know what the stain is. How you clean the upholstery depends on what kind of stain you’re dealing with. Your furry friends can cause urine stains, fecal, and vomit stains. They can also leave traces of food and dirt on the carpet and couch as well as mucus and saliva.

The easiest to deal with are mucus stains. They can usually be removed by simply using soap and water. They rarely have odor so you need only worry about removing the mark. Fecal or vomit stains, meanwhile, are much tougher because they can cause serious discoloration and leave behind a strong odor. For very difficult cases, it is best to leave the job to people who are experts on upholstery pet stain removal. You may end up ruining the upholstery by trying too hard to remove the stains.

No matter how big or small, immediate cleaning is the key. If there is solid waste, immediately remove as much of it as you can and wrap it in a tight plastic bag for disposal. This keeps the smell from spreading throughout the house.

If you are cleaning up urine, start by using newspaper to absorb as much as you can. Do not simply lay the newspaper on the stain and leave it there – when it soaks through the paper, change it out. The goal is to prevent the urine from penetrating deeply into the upholstery. When most of it has been absorbed, clean the affected area with warm water and a gentle soap or detergent. Do not use strong chemicals you are not familiar with or scrub too hard or you risk damaging your furniture.

Natural cleaners and deodorizers like baking soda and vinegar usually work well for average stains but if you find you’re having trouble completely removing them, you can try steam cleaning. Purchasing your own steam cleaner can be practical if your beloved pets suffer from digestive problems or are not yet potty trained. The downside is specialized cleaning equipment can be rather expensive.

The professionals at Royal Interior Cleaning use commercial grade cleaning equipment to get your upholstery looking new again. We have bigger and more advanced tools for large-scale and tougher jobs. We offer a wide range of services from cleaning, stain removal, rug repair, and more. Call us today aswe proudly service the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.

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