Persian Rug Cleaning in Markham

oriental-rugRoyal Interior Cleaning has been professionally cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs for decades. We are known for specializing in rug repairing, rug cleaning, refringing, and restoration. We provide a 100% guarantee on all our services whether you are a business or household customer, and are committed to maintaining the highest standards.

If your Persian rug has been rolled up or stored for longer than a few weeks or if it is dirty from use, we recommend that your rug be cleaned and moth proofed. A dirty or dusty rug attracts wool-eating moths, which will destroy the artistry of your rug, possibly beyond repair.

If you currently have a moth problem, call us right away. We will start with a professional cleaning. Washing the rug removes any larvae and the heat takes care of any eggs. We recommend using moth repellent to protect your rug – it is a coating that changes the taste of the wool so the moths don’t like it. Once applied, it is effective for up to three years. If you’re storing your rug, it is highly recommended. The solution does not smell nor is it poisonous to people or animals.

Persian and Oriental rugs are a special part of your home décor; they are more like pieces of art than regular carpeting and they should be treated as such. Operating since 1960, Royal Interior Cleaning specializes in rug care and repair. Our cleaners have a deep understanding of fibers and fabrics and how to care for each.

We have only professionally certified, qualified, and trained experts to handle your rugs. When we take your rug for cleaning, we take care to roll it up right, pack it carefully, and transport it to our cleaning facility. Once it is cleaned it is thoroughly checked before being carefully rolled back up and returned to you.

Our cleaning methods are environmentally sensitive (green) and we use only natural cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly. These non-hazardous, non-toxic cleaners are gentle on your rugs – they will not weaken or damage the fibers. Delicate rugs like silk, Persian, or Oriental that require careful cleaning will be handled differently than the more common blends like wool, nylon, cotton and polyblends. There are two methods for cleaning Persian and Oriental rugs: hand wash and power wash.

We are local with our main office located in Markham. We appreciate the value of your rugs and guarantee our service. Each and every rug begins with a thorough inspection of your rug to determine its type, materials used, and the dyes it contains. Our experts will then determine the best rug cleaning procedures based on the results and will handle it with care.

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