How You Maintain Your Floors Affects Air Quality

carpet cleaning tipsWhen we think about air quality, there are many aspects that make a difference with it. Most of the time people have a tendency to focus on minimizing the amount of pollutants that are emitted into the air. If you have a smoker in your household, you may tell them to smoke outside, away from the windows and doors.

If you have cars or trucks that are constantly running during the winter in order to warm up, you might keep the windows closed, move the vehicles away from the house, and so on.

You may do a lot of extra dusting and cleaning to keep the amount of dust and potential allergens from floating through the air. You might also not keep pets in your house in order to avoid pet dander, endless fur getting all over everything, and more.

One thing you may not think about when it comes to air quality is that the condition of the floors (how well you clean them) will impact it. If you do light vacuuming, sweep the floors, and that’s it, then you’re missing out on some valuable opportunities to improve the overall air quality of your home.

Common mistakes Toronto homeowners make in cleaning their floors.

Far too many just vacuum once or twice a week, sweep once in a while, or whenever they notice dust bunnies piling up, and maybe mop once a week or every other week. It’s not nearly enough.

How to maintain your floors to ensure better air quality.

The best thing any homeowner or business owner can do when it comes to the condition of their floors that will positively impact air quality is to have the floors (carpets, rugs, etc.) professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This might be every month, every six months, or more or less frequently, depending on the usage that they get.

When you have your floors professionally cleaned on a consistent basis, you’ll notice the air quality in your home or building improve.

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