Why Hire Professional Blind Cleaners?

blind-cleaning3You spend time and energy keeping your house clean; don’t let the effect be ruined by dirty blinds. Blinds need to be periodically cleaned to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime on the surface of the slats. A thorough cleaning not only enhances the look of the blinds but also helps them last longer.

Although most blinds are extremely durable, they can be damaged if improperly cleaned. How you clean your blinds depends on a few different factors.

The extent of the accumulation on the blinds is the first aspect to take into account. If it is just a little, you can simply wipe it off with a soft cloth. Use a mixture of water and mild detergent for best results. If the blind is very dirty, then be realistic about how effective your cleaning will be and how much time and effort is required. Hiring a professional blind cleaning service is likely your best bet if your window treatments need more than a quick wipe.

If you’re in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas, call Royal Interior Cleaning for a free estimate. We specialize in blind cleaning and our service will have your blinds looking like new again. We clean all types of blinds, including mini, micro, vertical, and wood blinds.

Different cleaning methods are used based on the blind material and style. For wooden blinds, we ensure that the lacquer of the wood is not tarnished and with fabric blinds, we use fabric cleaners that will not drain or fade the color or texture. Often a tough stain on fabric blinds threatens to ruin it, but with expert care and professional cleaning, stains can be removed and your blinds rejuvenated.

We’ll have your blinds completely cleaned within one day. Depending on the type of material, drying time ranges from two to three hours, on average. Keeping your blinds free of dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, allergens, pet hair, and anything else that wants to stick to them not only makes them more attractive, it also improves the air quality of your home.

Don’t waste hours of your day trying clean years of caked on dirt from your blinds; call us and we’ll schedule your cleaning right away. You’ll be thrilled with the results and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

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