The Hidden Odors and How a Carpet Cleaning Company May Help

cat-dog-pet-pee-on-carpetA carpet can hold a wide range of various odors. Depending on your home and family, their habits, and other factors, you may find certain odors to be unpalatable over time.

You may even discover that cleaning and shampooing your carpets don’t do anything to eliminate some odd, undesirable odors. When you are trying to clean your home and carpeting but can’t seem to find the source of some hidden odors, it may very well be time to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

When you have a spill, someone tracks in a foreign substance on their feet, or you have a pet that has an accident, the first thing you do is try to clean up the mess. The vast majority of homeowners throughout Toronto and the rest of Canada tend to make one major common mistake with regard to cleaning carpeting after a spill or accident. They rub the stain trying to get it out.

When you are scrubbing a stain, you are actually pushing it deeper into the carpet pile and toward the foam undercoating. Blotting and using water is one of the best methods initially to remove stains. Carpet fibers tend to trap liquid and other substances, keeping them from getting too deep into the fibers.

When you scrub carpet stains or spills, you are driving it deeper, where your vacuum or basic carpet cleaning machine isn’t going to reach. Over time, those staining materials can begin to produce strong odors. This is especially true when it comes to urine.

A professional carpet cleaning company has the tools and the machines with enough power to reach deep to the bottom of the carpet and even the foam undercoating to remove the substances that are causing the foul odors. Renting a professional cleaning machine may seem like a good idea, but they simply do not have the same power that professional carpet cleaning companies provide.

It is this power, especially with truck mounted equipment, that is responsible for getting rid of some of the worst odors and stains for the Toronto homeowner’s carpeting.

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