For Complete Stain Removal, Time is of the Essence

Stain Removal

Royal Interior Cleaning will get this out in a jiff.

Taking care of the carpets in your home is essentially the responsibility of the homeowner, however once in a while everyone needs the help of a professional to get the job done right. Vacuuming and taking your shoes off will only get you so far, and that is why there are professional carpet cleaning services available.

Professional Carpet Cleaning May Be the Most Economical Option

Although do-it-yourself products available today are getting better, in order to restore your carpet to the quality of the day you bought it, the aid of a professional will be needed. If you get a stain on your rug or carpet, you should do what you can immediately to try and get the stain out. However, in certain situations it may be nearly impossible to get the stain out completely. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to permanently remove from the carpet. If you do try and use a stain remover to get it out yourself, you may actually risk doing more harm than good if you’re using the wrong solution.

The best thing to do for a stain is simply blot the spot and dry working from the outside in, rinse thoroughly with clean water, then blot again. Never scrub the carpet, or you risk ruining the carpet fibers or letting the spill soak through to the carpet pad. That should get a lot of the stain up before it sets deeply.

If it’s still visible after this cleaning, the best thing you can do is to call in a professional as soon as possible to take a look at it. Royal Interior Cleaning will know exactly which solution is best for the stain AND for the carpet. We will restore your carpet to the same condition it was in before the stain occurred. Even if you do not have stains, regularly cleaning your carpets will help extend their life by up to double and help keep them looking fresh in the years to come.

Hot Water Extraction and Steam Cleaning

Some of the most popular services offered are hot water extraction and steam cleaning. These work exceptionally well in the area of pet stains, water damage, and general stain removal. If you are in need of a carpet cleaning or have a stain that needs to be removed, call right away and one of our professionals will come out and give an estimate as to how much it will cost to have it removed. Just remember not to wait too long, as the stain will be harder and harder to remove as the time passes.

Mississauga is one of the areas we service in the Greater Toronto Area. Our experts will give you a free quote with no hidden charges and we offer emergency service for those occasions when the stain is a disaster. Call us today.

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