End of Summer Cleaning: 5 Strategies to Try

cleanThe end of summer can signify many things, and one of them is an incredible opportunity to clean your home and get ready for the fall and winter season ahead. How you clean can be just as important as what you clean.

We have compiled five strategies that you can try in order to make the most out of your end of summer cleaning.

1. Start big.

Many people will tell you to start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. We believe that you should start thinking in larger, broader terms. This means that you should begin putting away items that you are not going to need anymore in autumn or winter.

Don’t get caught up in the details and try to go through every box. Just move everything to a specific location, either in the attic or in the basement. You can organize this stuff later, especially during the winter when you have more time on your hands.

2. Go through your bills.

If you have bills piled up from the past several months, they don’t need to be kept out. Either shred bills that you’ve already paid and no longer need access to or store them in a five file cabinet.

3. Vacuum and scrub every room from the top down.

This means starting with the ceiling and working your way down. Use a damp cloth or a special mop to clean out in the corners of every room along ceilings and walls. Also clean all light fixtures, including ceiling fans. Start with the ceiling and work your way down along each wall, cleaning along all window and door moldings as well.

4. Adjust the furniture for winter living.

During the summer, you likely spent more time outside or on the go. That means you didn’t need to have a comfortable layout in your living room, bedroom, or even the family room.

With winter around the corner, you’re going to be spending more time inside. Now is the ideal time to experiment with various arrangements until you find one that is most comfortable for you and your family.

5. Thoroughly clean all windows inside and out.

Before it gets too cold, you want to make sure that you clean every window in your home, both inside and out. This will include removing screens and storm windows and cleaning every inch of glass on all of them. Once they are clean, your house will feel brighter and look much better.

End of summer cleaning can make you feel more excited for the coming autumn and winter season.

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