Emergency Carpet Cleaning Services – Uh-Oh

Stain RemovalAccidents can happen at any time, and when they occur to your carpeting, it can send even the most hardened person into a frantic search regarding what to do about it. Spilling a staining drink on a nice white carpeting is one of those images that can produce nightmares, but there are also plenty of other reasons why someone may require emergency carpet cleaning services.

You could have a party of function that is coming up and you suddenly realize that the carpets look old, dirty, haggard, and in such poor condition that you would be embarrassed to have people see it like that. You may have spilled food, had mud tracked in over it, or even paint dripped on your beautiful new carpeting.

No matter what kind of mishap, accident, or simple ‘uh oh’ that has happened, there is always an option.

Be careful what you do to clean your carpeting.

Even though that red wine spilling on your white carpeting will likely make your stomach turn, you could actually end up doing more damage to it by trying to sop it up with a cloth, or wet sponge.

Some carpeting will have a ‘stain guard’ on it that will help protect the fibers from becoming stained, but that all depends on whether or not you actually push the staining substance deeper into it.

Blot the top of the carpeting lightly with a dry cloth. Using a damp cloth is not much different than adding water right on the source, which will dilute the staining compound, allowing it to spread throughout other carpet fibers. Don’t press down on the carpeting. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make, and it’s why many carpets end up permanently stained.

Call a professional carpet cleaning company right away. You may not need a deep, thorough, entire house cleaning service, but rather a spot cleaning service. The professional carpet cleaning company will come to your home and work on removing that stain within a short amount of time, helping you rest assured knowing that your carpets are not completely ruined.

Don’t wait, though; the longer that any staining material is allowed to set in, the harder it will be to remove it. If you’ve had an accident and need emergency carpet cleaning, call as soon as possible.

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