Dealing with Water Damage

water-damage-on-carpetWater damage is a common problem in homes and businesses alike. It is often caused by faulty plumbing systems and can cost homeowners, renters, and building owners a lot of money. The damage can also be caused from leaky roofs, washing machines, water heaters, and frozen pipes that burst and leave thousands of Canadian homes and businesses in disrepair every year.

At Royal Interior Cleaning we offer a water damage service that has helped many homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. When water damage has occurred there’s really no way to DIY fix it; professionals with the proper equipment and knowledge will need to be called. The faster water damage is dealt with the more you can mitigate the overall damage and cost and get back to business as usual.

Should you experience water damage to your home or businesses call us right away. We offer same day and emergency service. Of course it’s best to avoid this issues all together so we put together some prevention tips to keep your home and business dry:

The most common cause of water damage is plumbing failure Generally this type of failure doesn’t happen out of the blue, there are some warning signs to be on the lookout for – increase in your monthly water bill, noisy pipes, rust stains, and moisture in the walls or floor. If you notice any of these things call a plumber right away. Toilet Failure is a related issue and happens when an overflow or clogging occurs. If the water in your toilet is slowly creeping to the rim or the bowl, quickly turn off the supply valve located in the tank.

If you notice water spots, sagging, or mold spots on your ceiling or walls you could have a leaky roof. Often this problem remains hidden until enough water has collected to start seeping through. If you suspect this might be happening call a roofer immediately and get an inspection. A leaky roof can cause massive amounts of damage to your home or business, get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Water heaters have a tendency to fail shortly after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. As your appliance ages check it regularly for leaks. If it goes unexpectedly you’ll be facing not only possible water damage but also cold running water.

Washing machines are another big cause of water damage. They most often fail when the rubber hose every machine has gets old, cracks, and breaks. To combat this, inspect the hose annually and replace them every five years. Avoid overloading the machine and turn off the water supply if you are leaving the property for a long period of time.

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