How Cleaning the Refrigerator Can Improve the Quality of Your Home

fridgeThere are certain things that can actually impact larger parts of our lives. When it comes to cleaning or trying to maintain a healthy environment in your home, you may discover that keeping up with the constant flow of traffic, dirty shoes and laundry, and hectic schedules that people seem to keep these days makes it difficult to clean your home.

This will have a direct impact on the quality of your health and maybe even your life. If you’re looking around your house right now and trying to figure out where you could possibly start to clean in order to make a difference, you may feel as though there’s nowhere to truly start.

Why not try focusing on something that is small, simple, and though it can take time to go through thoroughly, it will make a difference for you and your entire family? That would be the refrigerator.

You can tell a lot about someone just by checking out what kinds of food and drink they have in their refrigerator as well as its cleanliness. A person who doesn’t care much about the cleanliness of their refrigerator probably doesn’t have or take a lot of time to care much about the rest of their home, either.

Throw out all the old food.

You may discover once you begin going through all of the drawers and shelves in your refrigerator that there are plenty of items that you forgot about. The leftovers from two weeks ago tucked in a container in the back of the bottom shelf, the sour cream that went bad last month, or even the hot dogs that no one finished off at the last summer barbeque could be bad.

Clean every shelf space and drawer.

Most shelves and drawers come out of the refrigerator, so take the time to clean them in the sink. Use a scrubbing sponge and dish soap and then dry thoroughly before replacing it in the refrigerator.

Thaw the freezer.

Pick a time when you have the least amount of food stored in the freezer, place it all in a cooler with ice packs, and thaw out your freezer. Make sure that you remove all of the ice and when it’s all clean, organize and pack it in a system that makes sense.

Once you can open the refrigerator and not cringe, you’ll feel better and this will inspire you to clean other parts of your house as well.

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