Your Carpets Look Clean, but Looks Can be Deceiving

carpet cleaningVacuuming and sweeping the floors in your home is extremely important. The more often that you do it, the cleaner you’re going to make your living environment.

However, keeping the carpets cleaned is about more than simply vacuuming once or twice a week. When you vacuum, whether you do that on a regular, once a week schedule, or more than a few times a week, the dirt and dust that is in the carpet pile will, for the most part, remain there.

That’s because when you run the vacuum cleaner over the carpeting, the contaminants –that can include dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, and more- become latched onto the carpet fibers. They then get pushed down even further with the force of the vacuum.

Then, every time that someone walks by, their steps are going to stir up the dust and dirt back into the air. If you’ve ever wondered why, even after a thorough cleaning of your home, including a nice, solid vacuuming, that you still see dust and dirt flying through the air, that’s why.

Eighty percent of the dust that is in your home is the product of dead skin cells. The human body is constantly shedding dead skin cells and that’s what tend to float through the air. No amount of simple vacuuming or sweeping is going to thoroughly clean your home.

A professional carpet cleaning is the only true way to get a clean home.

Professional carpet cleaning comes in, soaks the carpets so that the dust and dirt cannot escape into the air, and using the proper ingredients and solutions, and the right equipment, will extract all of those contaminants through a suction hose.

These professional carpet cleaning machines will get down to the deepest portion of the carpet pile, all the way to the foam base, so that you will be assured of a complete and thorough clean for your entire home.

How often should you schedule a professional carpet cleaning?

The ideal timeframe for professional carpet cleaning in Toronto is twice per year. That may be too much for some homeowners, but during the early part of spring and mid to late autumn is ideal, but if you have a special event or guests coming to your home, having a nice, fresh, clean carpet can make a world of difference.

If you want to learn more about what a professional carpet cleaning can do for your home, and your health, contact Royal Interior Cleaning of Toronto today.

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