Area Rugs Can Benefit from Professional Cleaning

oriental rugWhen most homeowners throughout Toronto think about professional carpet cleaning, they likely think about the deep pile carpeting, the wall to wall kind. Keeping these carpets clean and in good shape will help to not only keep them looking great for a longer period of time, but it will also improve the air quality in the home as well as allow those carpets to last much longer than they might normally last.

But professional cleaning doesn’t have to end with just the wall to wall carpeting that you will likely find in bedrooms, along stairs, and even dining rooms and family rooms. Area rugs are also subject to the same rigors that wall to wall carpeting is, and even though they can be lifted and moved, and even though they are short pile, for the most part, that doesn’t mean that a vacuum cleaner, beating bar, or other common cleaning methods are going to do a better job at cleaning them than they would for deep pile carpeting.

Area rugs could also use professional cleaning from time to time. Even decorative area rugs that hang on the wall could benefit from professional cleaning. Even if you don’t walk on the area rugs, the dust that floats around in the air will settle on them. Over time, they will become impacted into the fibers of the rugs, and you will end up with a dirty, dingy, older looking area rug.

Professional area rug cleaning is different than wall to wall carpet cleaning. With area rugs, they are sent out to be cleaned, to a facility that has the appropriate tools and know how to clean them. They can be cleaned on the floor where they are, and some homeowners would prefer this, too.

If you have area rugs that are looking old, worn out, and a bit beat up, contact a professional carpet cleaning service to find out just what they can do to help restore those area rugs to their original luster, comfort, and feel.

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