Area Rug Cleaning in Toronto

Area Rug CleaningArea rugs bring a warm feeling into your home. Whether it is a Persian or Oriental rug, the designs decorate your floors and possibly walls in many ways. There comes a time when these rugs must be cleaned and cared for, even if they are in low traffic areas.

Keeping your rugs cleaned is very important. Vacuuming the rugs everyday or a few times each week is a good practice because dirt and dust accumulation can cause damage to the fibers of the rug. Yet, even though you spend time vacuuming your rugs, dirt becomes ingrained in the carpet that the vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to get out. It can be dangerous for your to try to shampoo your rugs yourself because many cleaners are not meant for the fine fibers used in Persian or Oriental carpets. And even those that are can cause more harm than good due to harsh chemicals. Rug cleaning is a delicate task that a professional cleaner should be called in to do. Most rugs are made of wool fibers which will shrink if not cleaned properly.

When it comes to having the rug cleaned, Royal Interior Cleaning is the place to call. We specialise in rug cleaning as well as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and leather furniture cleaning. While everyday vacuuming of rugs is a good way to maintain it, deep rug cleaning is necessary from time to time to keep them looking beautiful.

As your rugs are walked on, they release hidden allergens into the air. The deep cleaning process at Royal Interior removes dust, dust mites, pet dander, animal parasites, and mold. When the rug is being cleaned, a trained technician will determine the type of rug and the type of cleaning procedure to be used. Persian and Oriental rugs, being delicate, will require careful cleaning using a hand wash and power wash.

There are two ways to have your rug cleaned, first is bringing it to us, or having us pick up, clean, and deliver your rug with no extra cost. Same day service and emergency services are offered for those that need a rug cleaned at a short notice. In addition to offering same day service, Royal Interior is flexible with your schedule. We are an eco-friendly business and use all natural cleaning solutions to protect your family, pets, the environment, and your rugs. Royal Interiors is 100% committed to your satisfaction, we have been serving the greater Toronto area since 1960.

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