4 Steps to Remove Carpet Stains

Carpet, Upholstery Stains RemovalThere’s a sinking feeling that you get in your gut the moment that something spills on your new carpeting. You panic, your breath hitches up, and your heart races. You run to the kitchen, throw open the cabinet under the sink and grab a few bottles of cleaning solutions.

You run back to the carpet, the stain looks so much larger now, and you drop to the ground with a towel or roll of paper towels and begin making every single mistake that could cause the stain to embed even deeper into the carpet pile.

The moment that something spills on your carpet, stop and take a breath. No matter what it is, whether wine or chocolate or something else, removing the stain the right way is going to determine whether you get it all up or if you end up covering it by rearranging all of the furniture in your house.

Here are four steps you should take to remove carpet stains before they set in.

1. For a liquid stain, use a paper towel and dab up what you can get just through soaking into the paper towel. Do not press down as this could force the stain deeper into the carpet fibers, making is more difficult to get out later.

2. If you have a carpet stain removal solution or other cleaning solution, check it on a portion of carpet that is hidden first. If it doesn’t alter the color of the carpeting, then apply this solution to the stain. You can also create your own solution by using equal parts vinegar and distilled water, then adding a few squirts of dish soap.

3. Allow the solution to soak into the carpet, over the stain, for at least 10 minutes, then blot it up with a paper towel, rag, or other material. Blotting means just pressing down lightly, not scrubbing back and forth. Do not scrub a carpet stain.

4. Use a clean cloth with distilled water to rinse off the remaining part of the stain, then you can vacuum up the stain. Use the extension arm for maximum suction.

This should remove the stain. If you notice that there is still staining, contact Royal Interior Cleaning to help you return your carpet to like new condition.

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